Top E-learning Platforms To Learn New Knowledge and Skill


This global pandemic had us locked in our homes for several months keeping from doing our everyday routine. If you have a penchant for expanding your learnings by attending seminars and enrolling yourself in special face-to- classes, this moment is a very boring one for you. Good thing because as the world changes due to unexpected events, the way we can learn also transforms to match our convenience. 

E-learning platforms have been developed way back before, but it has been a significant trend nowadays due to the global pandemic outbreak. Many have found this very interesting because they can be productive and expand their professional scale using their massive free time.  

Why Choose E-Learning as a Pandemic Hobby?

Since most of us are within the corners of our homes, we are only bound to do browsing social media for updates outside, watching the news, and sometimes reading our old books over and over again. Doing this every day can be a little tiring. But, if you occupy yourself learning something new, just like the old normal, it will make your vacation worthwhile. 

This article will help you start your E-learning adventure by sharing the best platforms, to begin with.


This e-learning platform offers a wide array of courses from universities and companies. To name a few, it provides online courses from Yale University, Duke University, Google, IBM, and more. Its wide variety of courses make it a one-stop-shop for any classes you may like depending on the company and universities affiliated with this platform. The cost of each course also varies depending on each company and university. What is significant is that you can sort out which one matches your budget. 


This is a popular platform for art-inclined learners. Skillshare offers various video-based courses such as drawings and illustration, photography, design, creative writing, and more. Another thing that is good about them is that the lessons are broken down into chapters per video, making it easier to absorb as a beginner. It also has a community of learners with the same perspective creating a positive vibe to motivate you more in learning. 


If your career is more about business, marketing, IT, design, and more, this platform best suits your background. The courses are also available in different languages making it more comfortable to learn in your vernacular. If you don’t have a definite plan to learn first, they have a set of questions for you to answer about what you like and abilities. Once they have gathered your response, the platform will sort out the available courses depending on preferences. From there, you can preview the content of the sorted courses. This is a great help in choosing which one to do first to keep you inclined to pursue E-Learning. 


Dreaming of being a web developer but doesn’t have the skills? Now, this is your stepping stone in achieving that dream. Codeacademy offers courses in basic HTML/CSS, Javascript, Python, and more. You can access 180 hours of free content for you to learn how to make your website or app. You can also conduct advanced programming after taking up their courses. You can sign up for free for one week to get the platform exclusives for a better experience. 


This platform is quite similar to Coursera. They also offer courses related to business and technology and humanities and sciences. This platform’s courses are self-paced and are set to run on a specific date and may last for weeks. Furthermore, they provide methods for Language, which is a great thing to learn. 

Future Learn  

This platform is a general learning platform that offers courses from different subjects like business and technology, art and media, science and humanities, and even healthcare learnings. You can always browse and learn for free for fourteen days, but you need to sign up as a member if you want to get certified. The courses are self-paced, but the period you need to finish the course is posted to know how to match it with your schedule. 


Learning has always been limitless ever since before. In this time that we are deprived of exploring the world personally, the world is reaching us through our screens digitally to offer the same or even more excellent knowledge. Let us not waste our pandemic vacation by just watching a movie and pinning ourselves on our couches. We hope we have encouraged you to take this opportunity to learn beyond your usual grounds and be ready to face the changing world in a better way. 


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