Top Seven Best Cricket News Websites


Cricket is not just a sport. It is regarded highly as a gentlemen’s game, and many of the cricket lovers, followers, and fans take a lot of inspiration, and it like a religion to many of them.

All ages enjoy the sport and Cricket is the common thing amongst many people. Nowadays, many Cricket experts in the houses speak, eat, and live Cricket only.

Becoming a Cricket player is the childhood dream of many. That is why we see many young kids playing this beautiful game. This game of bat and ball is the most-watched game on the TV sets in India and Worldwide.

The matches between the arch-rivals like India Vs Pakistan received more than a million views. The world cup 2019 game between these neighbouring countries had received 273 million viewers, and it had crossed 50 million viewership on the digital platform.

Then there was another close encounter between India and New Zealand, played in the World Cup 2019, that semi-final match also had a million views. That may be because everyone had anticipated that India would be in the world finals. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. Despite that, it had a viewership of 25.3 million on the hotstar, the number one mobile live streaming application. This also created a record of most viewership of a live streaming mobile application.

There are websites which fulfill the expectation of many according to their needs. Some fans prefer to see only the scorecard, while one wants to everything on the site.

Many cricket fans want to know the news, updates, match previews, reviews, scorers, analyses, and live matches on just one website. So today we have brought top website which has the best cricket coverage –

  • Khel Talk – This site provides detailed information on the world of Cricket. The cricket website is not just meant to give only Cricket news and info. We follow cricket very seriously, if you want to know all the latest Cricket Updates as soon as possible. Khel Talk is the website that offers such information in detail. Visit www. to see all the current news and match details on the upcoming International and domestic tournaments. The 14th edition of this tournament will start from April 9th, 2021, to May 30th 2021.
  • ESPN Cricinfo – This one of the famous and most followed websites in Cricket. ESPN has all the inputs which one needs because it provides timely information on all the cricketing events which happen in this world, and their section on stats is the one which everyone wants to have a look at. This website and app are very well known for its detailed information with statistics on the players and the venues where the matches will be played. They also have a text commentary section that gives an update on every ball and then the teams’ analyses after the game. On March 15th, 1993, ESPN Cricinfo was launched by Simon King and Badri Seshadri. Simon King was a British researcher at the University of Minnesota. Later he had completed his PHD degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cornell. ESPN also had students and researchers from other universities around the world.
  • Cricbuzz – This website covers all the happenings on the cricket field. It gives crisp news as ESPN and Cricbuzz are similar sites that are ruling the world currently. Cricbuzz also has video analyses on the match. The expert gives video analyses on stats, match previews, and reports. They have a live text commentary section as well. This website was founded by Pankaj Chhaparwal, Piyush Agrawal, and Pravin Hegde in 2004. In November 2014, Times Internet acquired Cricbuzz and merged it into the best news platform. In 2016, Cricbuzz had roped in the best commentators, Harsha Bhogale, and they started the series called Voice of Cricket, where Harsha gives his take on the upcoming matches and series. His video blog also includes the reviews of the players and the match previews. In just five months, Cricbuzz had reported that the videos blogs of Harsha Bhogale had 100 million views and 5 lakh people see his videos daily.
  • Wisden – It is the oldest crocket website on the internet today. It had a fairy tale start by a cricket player called the Little Wonder. His real name was John Wisden. He had sold all of his sporting equipment, and he wanted to start a publishing site. In 1864, he inaugurated a Wisden Cricketers Almanack. Wisden was the leading multi-sport equipment in England during the 20th Now even after so many years, Wisden is the most prominent website in the cricketing world. The Almanac of Wisden’s Cricket is considered the most authentic book in the cricketing world. Wisden is also the one who gives accurate information on the game of Cricket. It respects the game and its coverage of live matches, upcoming matches, and their reports. Wisden had several stories and videos about Cricket.
  • Cricket365 – Cricket lovers create all the cricket websites and applications, and Cricket365 is also one of them. They are also lovers of Cricket, and they love everything about it. Cricket365 also has live coverage features and event-wise special coverage of all the series, including the world cup, Ashes and IPL, etc. The website covers a wide range of topics in the cricket category, and they have the finest team of writers with them.
  • The International Cricket Council – ICC is the primary head of Cricket. That gives all the information on their website. They provide the news and updates.
  • With that, they give the everyday daily Cricket news and match reports. They also have a text commentary section, which offers updates of the live cricket match with the full schedule of men’s and women’s cricket.
  • org – The name of this venue gives a remarkable memory of all the cricket happenings. Lords is also known as the Home of Cricket. The Indian Cricket Fans have two fond memories of Lords. The one is the 1983 world cup, Kapil Dev collecting the trophy, and the other one is Sourav Ganguly’s swinging his jersey at the balcony of Lords. The website and the stadium have an honors board. and a bell which is ranged before the start of a cricket match. The fans can know the history of Lords and the dining club on their website, which also has beautiful images of the Lord’s Stadium.
  • Kreedon – The website covers Cricket and other sports. It has rich content on its website. Kreedon covers all the matches on Cricket and gives the news on the different sports as well. They also have stories and biographies of the athletes. They provide a deep analysis of the matches, and they have experts who write quality blogs and articles for them.


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