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It’s important to shop with brands that have a reputation and history as quality lighting manufacturers. Some modern lighting brands like Louis Poulsen are focused equally on aesthetics and quality and have a history of being icons in the industry. If you’re struggling to find your light bulb moment, look no further! In this article we discuss all the ways you can light your home to suit any room, layout, or style. From water resistant bathroom lights to decorative kitchen diner pendants, we have the perfect suggestion for your home. are expert lighting retailers and are dedicated to helping you make the right lighting choices for your home, read on to take a peek at our top tips.

Ambient lighting

Lighting is one of the best ways to set the mood in your home are there’s a variety of ways you can customise the ambience in your interior to fit your preference through lighting.

Finding the right colour temperature to suit your needs can help create the right atmosphere, by looking at the kelvins on lightbulbs and lights with integrated LEDs, it can help indicate the temperature of the illumination.

For example, anything up to 3000 Kelvins creates a warm white colour temperature that is ideal for accent lighting such as table and floor lamps in darker corners for a more subtle reading and relaxing light in the evenings. 4000 – 5000 Kelvins is considered cool white, this is a light with less of a yellow tint, providing a clear white shine, ideal for task lighting and bathroom lighting. Anything over 6000 Kelvins is called daylight white, this has a slightly blue tint and is the brightest a light can be, perfect for outdoor lighting, looking great against cool toned shades of white, black, and grey.

Ambient lighting

Pendant Ceiling Lights

The pendant lighting trend is taking the interior design world by storm, a couple of ways that you can jump on this trend is by incorporating pendant lighting into your kitchen and your bedroom.

This style of light makes for the perfect finishing touch when styled above a kitchen island, dining table, or breakfast bar. This is because it evenly illuminates your surfaces for a practical element whilst attracting the eye and creating a focal point within the room that is guaranteed to wow any guests you have over for dinner. Our Vee 5 Light Ceiling Pendant Bar offers a modern look to your home with an eclectic edge, looking ideal in any kitchen or dining setting.

Pendant Ceiling Lights

Singular pendant lights in bedrooms have also been trending on Instagram as of late. Styling these pendant fixtures on either side of your bed to hang above your bedside tables offers a symmetrical and balanced look to your interior.

These fittings can feature exposed vintage filament light bulbs for a retro aesthetic or can even be paired with glass shades or small easyfit lampshades for a softer glow diffused into your room.

Singular pendant lights

Water resistant lighting

When lighting your bathroom and the areas surrounding your home, it is key that install water-resistant lighting in order to ensure the environment is safe and no water damage will be caused to your lights.

All outdoor products should have an IP rating of IP44 or higher, meaning they are all dependable and safe to be placed outdoors. With our Surface Mount and Spike Ground Light having an IP rating of 67, this means that they are extra durable and are protected against almost all solids and liquids, allowing them to be driven over by your car without damage. This light can also be used as wall light for a stunning pool of illumination spread across your wall.

Water resistant lighting

Litecraft also stock an IP65 rated tiltable downlights, meaning that they are suitable to be used as over head shower lights, and able to be adjusted to change the direction of the beam of light. As well as a huge range of IP44 rated lights from wall lights to go on either side of your mirror, to flush lights that are perfect for low ceilings and brightly illuminate the room for all your daily bathroom tasks.

3d modern contemporary grey concrete bathroom with round mirror

You’re glowing!

We hope this article has helped light up your life with our top lighting tips, allowing for the perfect illuminated oasis in your home to suit all your daily needs. Why not take a look at the Litecraft website where we have a large variety of products to browse and a blog section where you can learn about all the latest in interior design and lighting.

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