Tramadol – An Easy Way To Get Relieved From Severe Pain


Tramadol is among the strong painkiller that is used to treat moderate level to severe level pain, such as pain after a severe injury or an operation. Moreover, it is used to treat long-lasting pain, where small dosages of pain killers are not working very well. One can get the tramadol 50mg – 30 tabs only on a doctor’s prescription. It comes in different forms, such as capsules, tablets, and liquid drops that you need to swallow. It can also be taken in the form of injection, which is usually done in hospitals.  If you are looking for other form of tramadol dose, then you can feasibly consume  in solid form (twice a day, post doctor’s confirmation) which you can get easily online from the verified website.

Key Things To Know About The Tramadol

  • Tramadol medicine work by blocking the pain signals from traveling through the nerves to the brain
  • Though feeling dizzy and sick are the most common side effects of tramadol.
  • You can get addicted to tramadol, but when your doctor keeps regular check-ups and is consuming it for pain-relieving purposes, it is rare to become addicted.
  • It is suggested that avoid taking tramadol with alcohol because if you did, you would face more side effects such as feeling sleepy.
  • Tramadol is known by the name of Invodol, Mabron, Larapam, Maneo, Maxitram, Marol, Oldaram, Tradorec, Tilodol, Tramquel, Zamadol, Tramulief, Zydol and Zeridame.

Who Can And Cannot Take The Tramadol

Tramadol can be consumed by adults and children having age 12 years or over. However, keep in mind that tramadol is not suitable for the health of some people. Thus, make sure that you ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking medicine if you have:

  • An illness that results in seizures
  • Had an allergic to tramadol or any other medication in the past
  • A head injury
  • An addiction to strong painkillers, alcohol, or recreational drugs
  • Any breathing difficulties
  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Had being effected by other strong painkillers in the past

When And How To Take It

Though, you need to take the tramadol according to the prescription of the doctor. However, the dose may vary from person to person, but one should not take more than 400mg of tramadol a day usually. Moreover, tramadol does not typically upset your stomach, which means you can take it without or with food.

What Are The Different Types Of Tramadol

Tramadol comes in different types, such as

  • Fast-acting capsules- it contains 50mg of tramadol
  • Slow-acting capsules- it contains 200mg, 150mg, 100mg or 50mg of tramadol
  • Fast-acting tablets – these consist of tramadol 50mg – 30 tabs
  • Slow-acting tablets – it contain 400mg, 300mg, 200mg, 150mg, 100mg, 75mg or 50mg
  • An injection that is usually given in the hospital
  • Drops that you need to swallow – 1ml of liquid contains 100mg of tramadol
  • Tablets that can easily dissolve in the mouth – these consist of 50mg of tramadol
  • Soluble tablets- it consists of 50mg tramadol

However, some fast-acting tramadol capsules and tablets, injections, drops can show their effects within 30 to 60 minutes, and these doses only are taken when the pain is going to last for a short time. You may have been told to take the fast-acting tramadol only when you need it to treat the pain or daily. However, it is suggested to take and follow the doctor’s advice to ensure you are taking the right amount of tramadol to treat your specific problem.

Also, some slow-acting capsules and tablets mean they will gradually show their effects in your body within 12 to 24 hours. However, this type of tramadol may take longer to release in the body properly but will last longer those fast-acting tablets. It is mainly used for pain that is going to last longer.

Moreover, your doctor will suggest the right dose for treating your severe pain, which depends on how bad your pain is and how sensitive you are to the pain. Your dose will be changed from time to time to ensure what works best for your body. Overall, you will be prescribed the smallest dose of tramadol that can quickly relieve your pain rather than getting addicted to it.

How Much You Can Take

The amount of dose may vary from person to person. Your dose will depend upon how severe your pain is and how your body had reacted to the previous painkillers, and whether you get any side effects from these medicines or not.

How You Should Take It

Though, remember that fast-acting tramadol come in drops, capsules, and two different tablets that is dissolve in the mouth and soluble tablets:

  • Capsules: you need to swallow the capsules with enough water
  • Drops: you need to mix the drops of tramadol into a glass of water then drink the whole liquid of the glass.
  • Dissolve In The Mouth Tablets:
  1. Ensure that both hands are completely dry before handling the tablet.
  2. Please take out the tablet from the blister pack and immediately place it on your tongue. You should suck instead of chewing it.
  3. Once it has been melted, swallow the rest or drink a glass of water.

Moreover, you can also dissolve the tablet in a glass of water if you desire.

Soluble Tablets – you have to dissolve the tablet into ½ cup of water and drink the entire content.

Slow-release tramadol comes in capsules and tablets. You need to swallow the medicine and drink a whole glass of water.

When You Should Take It

The dose and type of tramadol determine the doctor has prescribed the consumption of tramadol.

  • Slow-acting capsules and tablets – typically once or twice a day
  • Drops – usually three to four times a day
  • Fast-acting capsules and tablets – normally three to four times a day

However, if you are of 65 years or above or have a kidney or liver problem, you may need to talk with your doctor before taking any tramadol type.

Moreover, you can take tramadol anytime during the day but try to consume it simultaneously as before and provide proper spacing between doses. You will have to show the doctor’s perception to buy tramadol 50mg – 30 tabs.

The information mentioned above has related the uses, side effects, and doses of tramadol. Make sure that you talk with your doctor before taking the tramadol.

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