Understanding the Urgent Care Services Available to you


Medical issues need careful planning and consideration, which is why you need to always have a backup plan, other than the regular hospital or even your first aid kit.

If you’re wondering ‘how can I leverage urgent care near me’ or ‘what do I need to know about urgent care services?’

While we don’t hope for it, let’s prepare you for any emergency that could occur outside the regular working hours of your primary healthcare provider.

Why would you need to visit an urgent care center?

There are several reasons you might need to visit an urgent care center instead of the emergency room at the nearest hospital, and the first reason is time sensitivity.

When you are experiencing an urgent situation that isn’t life-threatening but needs timely care, then you should visit a local urgent care center.

What kinds of services can you get at urgent care center?

If you are wondering, ‘what services are available for urgent care near me’ then this list will help you discover the services you can get at an urgent care center. Most of these services are hinged on the keyword ‘urgent’ but some of the services are also not considered urgent but are available.

Treating minor injuries

An urgent care center can treat minor injuries such as small fractures, minor lacerations, and sprains. These can class as urgent care walk in centres and are often more useful than heading to your local hospital.

Treatment for the flu and common colds

Urgent care centers treat the flu and common cold, as well as their symptoms. Patients who have a compromised immune system or have chronic diseases are more likely to benefit from urgent care services when they have the flu or the common cold.

Physicals for school and sports

Many urgent care services run physicals for children to ensure that they are in perfect health, either to start school or to join one sports team or the other.

Treating ear infections and stomachaches

Many people require urgent services when they have stomachaches or ear infections. You can visit an urgent care provider near you if you require such services.

Testing Labs/services

Most urgent care centers have a laboratory where they carry out several tests and bloodwork, including those that are deemed urgent and those that aren’t.

The kinds of tests you can carry out at an urgent care center include a pregnancy test, blood glucose test, blood counts, drug screening, STD tests, metabolic panels, and rapid testing for COVID, strep, and the flu.

After your test, you might be able to see a physician and discuss your results at the same time, but this depends on the kind of test you run.

Final thoughts on urgent care services

You don’t need to visit the emergency room unless you have serious health emergencies. Instead, you can take minor injuries and illnesses to an urgent care center and get treated.

Instead of waiting in line to meet with your primary healthcare physician, simply search for ‘urgent care near me’ and visit an urgent care facility where you can receive a range of professional services conveniently.

Do you already have an injury or illness you wish to treat? Or are you looking into preventative care, reach out to Mountain Medical Urgent Care and get help now.

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