Upgrade the Audio Visual Systems in Your Home


Are you looking to upgrade your home’s sound system? Or do you need a new television for your living room? There is no time better than now to call up an AV company in Nashville that can meet all your home entertainment needs.

There are things you should look for before choosing an AV company. Do you base your choice on the brands they carry, their experience, customer service, or price and value? Do you need it for your home use or at your place of business?

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t enjoy watching a great movie or sporting event on a big screen with a great speaker system. The last few years have seen a wide variety of new AV technology hit the market.

You might be considering a dedicated theater room in your home or to upgrade your living room with a better viewing system. Here are some recommendations for your budget and space.

It is surprising how little it can cost to upgrade your viewing setup from functional to enjoyable. For less than $1,000, a budget 4K TV and soundbar can offer a huge step up in quality from most existing setups. There will be enough money left over for a media player and a universal remote.

It is the same for a high-performance theater cost compared to what enthusiasts would have you believe.

Home theater projector

Most projectors will come with a chart to help you determine the distance required between the screen and the front of the lens. Determine what your room can accommodate before purchasing. A basement rec room is typically about 300 square feet, which can easily fit a 100-120 inch screen and projector. But you can use an online calculator to determine what is right for your room.

Home theater screen

A good theater screen should reflect the proper amount of the projector’s light at you. It will not blind you, create hot spots, or shimmer. It will also reproduce the projector’s colors accurately and enhance the black levels and contrast.

AV receiver

The receiver is the hardest working component in your system. It is both the amplifier and the processor for your theater. Inputs for audio and video are routed through the receiver, passed down to the speakers, or up to the projector. Make sure you have enough inputs for all sources, including a media streamer, Blu-ray player, game console, or other audio or video components.

Theater speakers and subwoofers

Speakers and subwoofers come in a variety of prices and options. Surround sound for a home theater system delivers full sound with both stereo and surround sources. There is a right and left speaker and a center speaker. You want speakers that produce the pumped-up bass in action movies but voices that sound clear in film and TV dialog, making it easy to understand.

Living room TV

The use of a projector as a primary display source in the living room is not recommended. There is usually too much ambient light, and a ceiling hung projector, along with a large fixed wall screen, isn’t suitable for a living room. A television with 55-65-75-or 85-inch screen sizes is preferred, depending on your living room or family room size.

When you decide to upgrade your living room viewing, or if you have decided to install a home theater system in one of the rooms in your home, you need to go to the experts to guide you through the process of selection, sales, and installation. Remember, customer service is also vital if questions arise in the future.

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