Useful Tips for Betting Online without Swedish License

Have you recently started betting on the internet? Nowadays, many individuals prefer online over brick-and-mortar casinos due to the convenience and comfort of betting at home.

The best way to enjoy your gambling experience is by choosing a reliable gaming website, even if it’s not licensed in Sweden. Contrary to general opinion, playing at casinos with no Swedish license isn’t illegal for Swedes.

Anyhow, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should play at any betting site. There’s a myriad of aspects to factor in when choosing one.

We hope the following tips prove helpful.

Consider bonuses

The first tip to consider when betting online at sites with no Swedish license is considering their bonus system. Make sure to look for online casinos that offer free spins upon registration as a warm welcome. Some gaming websites provide weekly, monthly, and annual bonuses. Consequently, you can use your free spins without depositing any money right from the beginning. These opportunities, however, aren’t available at licensed Swedish gambling sites.

Casinos with no license provide players with the freedom to deposit unlimited cash and earn various bonuses, thus increasing their chances to win. It’s paramount to check this feature before selecting a gaming site, as not all online casinos offer unlimited deposits and bonuses. The most common bonuses to look for include free spins, high roller, no deposit, and loyalty bonuses.

Check the deposit options

Check the deposit options

The following tip to take into account is checking the deposit options. Licensed sites include deposit limitations, but unlicensed ones aren’t required to follow the limitations of the Swedish government. As a result, you can deposit as much cash as you want. Many sites allow players to make a deposit with different payment options, like Bitcoin. Learn more about the design, mining, decentralization, and history of Bitcoin.

Beware of online casinos where the depositing method is rather extensive. Some gaming companies require players to go through multiple steps to complete the depositing process, taking days or weeks for the transfer to be processed. You need an online casino that offers fast deposits without requiring any extensive procedures. The options for withdrawal should provide quick payouts. It’s worth remembering that traditional bank transfers impose a longer wait time, from three to five days.

Go through the payment options

The payment options available at online casinos not licensed in Sweden should be versatile for players to be provided with a choice of methods. Some of the most popular deposit options include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, even Bitcoin. Most importantly, payments are supposed to be secure for individuals to feel safe making withdrawals and deposits.

The easiest way to check whether your credit card information and passwords are secure is by clicking on the tiny lock icon placed on the left of the address bar. Provided the lock is locked, the site is considered secure. The casino you choose must have its license granted, even though it isn’t Swedish. If the license is granted by the given authorities, it’s classified as safe and secure for betting.

Consider the tax on profits

Another incredibly important tip to follow when betting online is to check the tax laws of the country where the casino is licensed. The following link,, provides information on gaming companies with no Swedish license. When gambling at a licensed Swedish casino, players have to pay tax on their winnings. This isn’t true for foreign casinos within Europe, as Swedish players are exempt from paying taxes. For instance, betting at a website with a license from Malta will provide you with tax-free profits.

In contrast, gambling websites with licenses outside of Europe demand players to pay taxes on their winnings. Hence, if playing at a website licensed in Curacao, you must pay taxes to the Swedish government. Never skip checking the tax laws to avoid having problems with the government.

Check the registration procedure

Another helpful tip when betting online at unlicensed casinos is to get to know the registration procedure. Not all online casinos oblige future players to register, although getting registered provides players with bonuses and the chance to join VIP programs.

If the speed of deposits and withdrawals is all that matters to you, then find a gambling website that requires no registration. Nevertheless, you should remember that such online casinos ask individuals to make deposits with BankID to get all the information about you.

Consider player protections

Checking player protection measures is another useful tip to follow when betting online. Swedish licensed casinos must include the spelpaus feature, which is a tool of self-exclusion from the website when people need a break from gambling. This feature, however, isn’t obligatory for betting sites outside Sweden.

While most players look for gambling websites with no protection, it’s essential for the gaming site you use to have some. For example, online casinos licensed in Malta often provide player protection in the form of self-tests, self-exclusion, and deposit limitations. Although you might feel a bit restricted, it’s for your own good. Gambling addiction is a serious and widespread problem.

Check security

An essential factor to take into account when betting online is security. Every gambling site with or lacking a license should have solid security measures. It’s the only way for your financial details and deposited money not to be at risk. It’s of the utmost importance to check the security and protection policies before signing up.

Secure online casinos verify the identities of players, encrypt their data, and share SSL certificates. Such a certificate confirms that a particular site is on HTTPS, not HTTP, as the former is more secure. Look for online reviews of other players commenting on the security of casinos, as frustrated individuals wouldn’t waste the opportunity to post negative reviews and warn others.

A final note

Prior to betting online, you should take your time to evaluate the available options.

You are not supposed to rush anywhere until the best option comes along!