Victory PCB is the best manufacturer

Victory PCBs products roger PCB  is the backbone of all electrical smart devices, like a smartphone, LEDs, microwaves to the aerospace and defense industry of any country. Before choosing the victory product one should always remember the quality and its manufacturer standard. Because these two care can save your time and budget also. If you are not using the right manufacturer, definitely, they are by mistake.

Introduction of victory PCB

Let us discuss the victory PCB milestone that deserves ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Before fifteen-year, in 2005 a minor PCB manufacturer was established in the Shenzhen industrial park. It was just the start of a professional journey of manufacturing a ring story. Furthermore, it is making and assembling high-frequency PCBs like HPI PCB, double-sided, and multilayer PCBs. Within the multilayer through holed multifunctional PCB,  use of the latest surface mount technology ( SMT) is an additional point of attraction.

Their happy and trusted customer for making and assembling immersion gold printed circuit board and aluminum printed circuit board. VictoryPCBs continued to be of high quality and the best productivity for gaining more trust.

Milestone of  Victory PCB

If we take an overview on company achievement it is not a chit to ignoring.  From its beginning, it has gained prominent achievements on a yearly basis. In 2007, USA UL and ISO 9001,2002, and extended to Canada and the European economy.

Some credit to the manufacturer

  • The company has announced that their 80% product is exported to Europe and Asia. Only 20 % of the product is sold out locally.
  • The company has above 450 factories and 500 plus workers are working hard.
  • Our plants are located at 30000 square km.
  • This company has announced that they have 1000 plus trusted customers and client groups.

Company best selling product

Victory PCB is continually upgrading itself against its competitors. That is why no other company still stands against him. The company is supplying the high-temperature features of expert designers and fabricators products. Its main and featuring products are 1-16L layer Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, High-Frequency PCBs, HDI PCBs, and Metal Base Aluminium PCBs to win customers’ hearts.

White & Black Double Side Depth-control PCB Board for Security Devices

In the security and defense industries, the black and white double-sided  PCBs are the main selling product. Its double-sided raw material  FR4 TG150 is the basic structure. It has 2 oz copper with  Trace Width and a 0.8 mm hole. The ideal dimension of the double-sided board is  251.94mm to  256.46mm.

10 Layer Immersion Gold PCB with 1.5oz Finished Copper Thickness

The company has another level of confidence for the industrial device is a 10 layer immersion gold PCB.

In the structure, the raw material is FR4 TG180, with a 2 mm hole size and 1 oz copper thickness. Its total board thickness is 2mm is an amazing invention for industrial control.

Black 4 Layer Heavy Copper PCB with 6oz Finished Copper Thickness

This product is a professional Advanced Circuit Manufacturer show for a power converter, heat dissipation, and planner transformation. However, for this purpose, we offer 3oz to 6oz heavy copper PCB to their customers.