Ways to Match Jewelry to Your Outfit

When you are putting together an outfit for a special occasion, or you simply want to look great on a night out, there are a few ways to ensure that it really compliments that look and style that you are going for. After all, you cannot simply assume that you will be able to wear anything, and it is going to have the desired effect that you were going for. So, here are a few useful tips and tricks that you can put into practice.

Ensure it Matches the Occasion

First of all, you need to think about the occasion that you are heading to. For example, if you are heading to a work event, it may be best that you keep everything simple and casual. If you are heading to a religious event, you may look for some jewelry from Shivoham. However, if you are going for an evening in a club, it is likely that you are going to opt for something else entirely.

Start with the Staples

Before you start stocking your jewelry box with too many extravagant items, it is better that you stock your jewelry box with all the staple items that you are going to need most often. For example, a glamorous butterfly ring, stud earring, simple necklace, and bracelet will certainly go towards the top of the list. Choose some colors that go with the widest possible array of outfits, such as gold and silver. You can then start to go for some more extravagant options over time.

Mix Warm and Cool Jewelry

While matching works on some occasions, on others, it is nice to throw one or two contrasts in there. For example, you can mix warm colors such as red with cooler outfits like blue – or vice-versa. This particularly works well if there is a particular area of the body that you are trying to accentuate.

Don’t Wear Too Many Statement Pieces

While big and bold statement jewelry items can work in some situations, this does not mean that you should overdo it. Usually, opting for one or two is the most sensible course of action. This is simply down to the fact that if you wear too many of them, they are not going to have the impact that you were originally hoping for.

Mix Busy Patterns and Simple Jewelry

If you are wearing clothes that are somewhat busier, there is no point in wearing jewelry that is going to take away too much attention. Therefore, it is certainly worth opting for pieces that are simpler in style and going to add some detail to what you are already wearing rather than taking entirely away from it.

As you can see from the above blog post, there are plenty of ways in which you can match your jewelry items with your outfit successfully. Ultimately, it just takes a bit of planning and coordination to ensure that you get it right and keep looking your very best all the time. Follow these tips above for the best results.