Ways to Use Metal or Steel Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have been around for a very long time, and are commonly used for shipping and transportation of materials and more. Of course, the primary method of use is for cargo, but now shipping containers here have evolved into being used for so much more. From home construction, custom buildings, storage units, and more, shipping containers are starting to break into the mainstream for tight budget construction projects worldwide.

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It is important to purchase the right containers, which goes hand-hand with properly planning to build a shipping container home. Your planning and design will dictate type and sizing. This should be researched before buying because after you’ve purchased it’s too late. Read more before purchasing containers www.ContainerAddict.com.

School Buildings

When a school has to be on an extremely tight budget, as is the case for certain third world countries and other schools in rural areas. Shipping containers can be recycled to create completely self-efficient classroom environments for many places to have an almost weatherproof classroom building.

Small Food Shops

Using these containers is starting to become a new way to give a very special twist on the popular vending booths that are popular all over the world. By using a recycled shipping container, you can have numerous sizes of small takeout restaurants at your disposal.

Building Custom Homes

This has been something that has provided a new contemporary twist on newly styled homes with modern architecture. By using shipping container buildings, a home can even be worth over a million dollars, as it was done in Australia not long ago!


Since these containers can be converted into buildings, large shipping containers can actually be pieced together and remodeled around to provide extremely secure mobile or stationary buildings that you can use to provide rooms for people.

Mobile Medical Clinics

Mobile hospitals have become a new way that even in Europe they’re standardizing medicine practices which have emerged. They provide low-budget treatment for patience that may not be able to get the expensive treatment that a larger corporation or hospital will do. Because of this, medical practitioners have been getting these buildings to create their mobile options.

Recording Studios

These shipping containers are actually perfect for creating small studios. Why? Because many that you buy can already come insulated, and then all you have to do is create a sound proof barrier on the inside. By doing this, you can achieve great acoustics for a very low price, rather than spending a fortune on creating a building yourself with raw materials.

Personal and Business Storage Units

Of course, businesses have been using this as storage for cargo for years, but lately, it’s become more efficient to use these as personal storage units as well, and for things like garages for your lawn equipment, tools, etc. With shipping containers, you can purchase one cheaper than it would cost you over a long time (you can buy weatherproof shipping containers for under $2000 used if you shop around), and by doing so, all of your belongings, and your storage unit itself becomes your own property. You can choose to take them with you or have them hauled off when you move, or simply leave them on property you sell as a second “building” for even more real estate value.