What are some pros and cons of working as a casino dealer?

What is the role of a dealer in a casino, exactly? From the outside view, the job of a croupier appears to be a highly unique one. The casino croupier is in charge of the game and has responsibilities that appear to be diametrically opposed to one another. The croupier should be personable and attentive to the players’ needs and keep the atmosphere at the table as casual as possible. Mistakes in mathematics and the application of rules are unacceptable, but in modern times when a player makes a deposit with apple pay at online casinos, he can be assured that the live dealer will make no mistakes as algorithms calculate everything. There are still some issues:

The first issue is sleep deprivation

You wouldn’t believe how crazy a typical workday of a casino dealer can be. It can be more than 12 hours, and then you have to include in the time it takes to set up your outfit and clean everything at the end of the day. Thus the 12 hour work day is extended to 14-15 hours. You might forget what norma “sleep” is if you work full-time while attending university or college concurrently.

The second issue is health problems

When you have a rigorous work schedule, you will certainly have some health problems under sleep deprivation. Some casinos make dealer to stand all their shift for extended periods of time, causing significant weariness, edema, and the development of varicose veins.

The third issue is the hard workload

Dealers have to do a lot of work. A typical day’s labor comprises six hours of nonstop roulette monotonous payout counting, pushing combinations in poker, and scoring in blackjack.

Let’s talk about some pros of working as a dealer

It is an easy specialty to learn

Working as a dealer might be an easy, fulfilling career choice because you may acquire the industry’s fundamentals in as little as a few months. Compared to other jobs, you will need to have completed at least 4-5 years of university study to qualify for a position that pays the same amount of money. After that, you have to work for three years at a lesser level, gaining valuable experience in the process. After passing the school-dealer formation, which normally lasts between 2-4 months, you will be permitted to work as a dealer. After a few months of dedicated effort, you will be able to work as a respected expert in your industry.

It’s an interesting job

It is quite satisfying. The casino environment provides a great deal of fun and excitement. You will learn many mathematical skills such as fast calculation and edge counting even if you discover that they are not yours after a period of time.

Another benefit is pride in your job

You will be pleased with being able to earn money part time or while studying. You will work hard without taking any money from your parents. Instead of spending the night at useless parties, you will go to work that night.