What are the five rules of cryptocurrency trading for new investors?


Cryptocurrencies have become a new investment class. There are less data to perform and perform fundamental analysis. You may have to face high-risk situations while investing in this. If you are planning to invest in it, then you need to keep some important things in mind before entering the high-reward sector, which is given below:

Use a trusted platform

The crypto space is not regulated in India. New organizations are emerging every day. By the way, now it has been freed from all the restrictions of the RBI imposed by the Supreme Court. It has been indicated by the government that by regulating this industry, its calibrated approach will be followed. All investors need to be very careful while choosing an intermediary. Vineet Nanda who is the co-founder of Globalize says that it is a very reliable platform while investing in which your money may get stuck under the promoter company. This time keep in mind that this is a foreign platform where you may need to be more compliant on the tax front while investing. Before investing in bitcoin, you have to read ways to grow bitcoin business . It helps to improve your trading skill. And of course, you must always check first some reliable forex signals before you start trading.

Start with low investment

The phenomenal returns offered by some cryptocurrencies in the past year have been surprising to all investors. If we talk about Dogecoin, whoever had invested in it in the last few months, its value at that time was Rs 10,000, while now its value has reached around Rs 5.70 lakh, don’t be fooled by these numbers. It has a high-risk appetite; you can start trading very easily even with a small amount in it. If you become completely familiar with this arena, then after that, you can get more information about different coins and read about them. If possible, try to understand their value and possibilities as necessary.

Find the protocol used in the real world

Cardano is a protocol that, with e-commerce and the web in general, has applications to reduce commerce as well as make it corrupt. It is listed with all industries in retail, healthcare and finance where you can find solutions for all its problems. It includes a protocol for data management and online economic participation through Polkadot, which works with public and private blockchains. In this, control can be maintained with ownership of all user data, both identity and credentials are verified with activity attached to it. You can buy anything similar online. In this, companies can meet with their data without any security norms. Filecoin is a very large technology with which you are provided with the cloud computing services of firms. It is a decentralized currency that helps enable pooling to be done with the potential for some additional storage, to make up for all its alternatives.

Do not take any action on suggestions without confirmation

Information related to the crypto space is completely credible and suffers from serious shortages. In this, investors are completely dependent only on unverified information linked on social media. In WhatsApp, you create a group of crypto analyst associates, through which they can fully verify the accuracy. Some lure gullible investors into their trap by using them for a fee, charging some analyst’s tips, and operating the pump-and-dump.

Don’t Ignore Taxes

Do not ignore the tax payable on income derived from crypto trading at all. Archit Gupta, CEO of tax filing portal Clear Tax, says that although income tax for cryptocurrencies may not be mentioned, income tax from every source will be fully taxable. Unless it is specifically exempted. Crypto has not yet been recognized as a currency by the RBI, due to which it is also known as a capital asset. Trading volume, which depends only on the frequency, from which the income is also treated as business income.”



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