What are the top golf GPS programs to purchase?


To excel at golf, you need proper gear, a smart strategy, lots of practice, and well, a little bit of technology too. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’d already know the increasing usage of GPS in golf nowadays. The compact handheld GPS devices help you measure distances accurately, access hazard information, and track your performance. 

With such key information at hand, you can enhance your strategy, get accurate yardages, and also save some shots on blind holes. However, picking the right GPS program can be tricky, since there are a lot of products available with very little. But worry not! This guide will walk you through some of the best golf GPS programs and their features.

Garmin Approach S40

For those of you looking for an advanced golf GPS program, this device fits the bill. Why?! Well, for starters, it has a 2.3-inch color touch display, Bluetooth compatible, and waterproof. It is also preloaded with a huge catalog of 41,000 courses. This device is famous for its long-lasting battery life, as it runs for 15 hours nonstop. And it only takes 2-4 hours to charge the device. 

Apart from the standard features that pretty much every Garmin Approach S40 review talks about, Big Numbers Mode, Touch Targeting, Digital Scoring Options, and Stat Tracking are some of the cool features you’ll get with this device. If you’re a serious golfer, the TruSwing compatibility of this GPS program will definitely come in handy. 

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS 

If you’ve never used a golf GPS device, Bushnell Phantom is a very good choice, to begin with. It comes with 36,000+ preloaded courses along with a plethora of useful features. Without a fuss, the Phantom can pinpoint the course automatically and moves from one hole to another as you walk your way through the course. The device gives you a clear display of hazards as well.

With a single charge, it operates for approximately 10 hours, enough to get through a couple of games. Weighing only 1.8 oz, this compact device is very easy to carry around. The 1.4” touch display lets you access all the important information about the course you’re playing on. Moreover, it has a very simple yet efficient user interface as well. 

GolfBuddy VTX Talking GPS

Are you willing to spend a few extra bucks for some special features?! If yes, check out GolfBuddy VTX. It is one of the only few talking golf GPS devices out there, with both male and female voice options in 8 different languages. It also rocks a huge 2.7” color touch display. The VTX comes equipped with over 38,000 courses. 

Other than the standard features, this GPS program makes use of both GPS and GLONASS satellites for better and accurate yardages. The battery packs enough juice for it to last 15 hours, letting you stay on the green without worrying about a recharge. Talking about recharging, it will only take 1-3 hours to charge this device. By the way, it is also waterproof. So, even if you land knee-deep in a hazard, you won’t lose your VTX anytime soon. 


Whether you’re a Pro or amateur at golfing, you should take advantage of technology to stay ahead of your opponents. All the above-mentioned GPS programs are tournament legal. With a good golf GPS device, you can improve your strategy, track your performance, and more importantly, be aware of the course. Choose the right one for you and stay happy golfing!

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