What Are The Two Types Of The Power Supply?


The power supply is a crucial component for all electrical and electronic systems. There’re various factors to consider before choosing the proper power supply. Different safety features of the power supply include the voltage limits, the load, physical size, and efficiency. To make the right decision, you need to consult with professionals like Maurice Electrical Supply. Below find the definition of power supply, how it works, types, and how it is regulated. It is always important to remember that electricity can be dangerous if not handled correctly. In fact, messing with electricity in homes is one of the top causes of accidents in many houses today.

What Is Power Supply?

In most cases, people get confused with the power supply and power source. The power source is where you’re getting the electricity, and the power supply happens via an electrical device that helps us regulate the electricity. When you’re using a power supply function, you’ll regulate the electrical watt’s energy and control. You can buy 12v power supplies to help you regulate electricity.

What Does A Power Supply Do?

Many of us know power supply has a lot of functions in our daily lives. It mainly depends on different device types and the voltage count. Most electrical devices have a regulator to control the power supply and quickly increase or decrease the rate according to your requirements. But then, always remember such electrical appliances are always dangerous if you’re unsure how to handle them. So, make sure only a trained electrician handles these jobs.

Type Of Power Supply

There are two different types of power supplies AC-DC and DC. Here we have discussed these two in-depth below.

DC power supply

It is the power that supplies constant DC voltage; depending on the design, the DC power can be powered from a DC source. The powering can be from AC sources such as main power. This power supply provides the DC voltage with its load and can be controlled from the DC supply or AC supply like the power mains.

AC-DC power supply

Most of the DC power supplies use AC as the leading electricity and energy source. The supplies use a transformer and help convert the voltage to get the level of AV voltage. You can have the rectifier as a conversion unit for the output to DC voltage.

The next stage would be to pass the voltage through an electronic filter to get the unregulated DC voltage. The filter will remove most of the AC voltage, and the remaining energy is termed as a ripple. AC power depends on the mains supply and the voltage while using a transformer.

Conversion Of AC To DC Power Supply

The rectifier is used to convert AC to DC, and it uses three types of silicon diode rectifiers to complete the process:

  • Half-wave: It is a cost-effective rectifier using a silicon diode to convert the AC wave.
  • The other half becomes a more excellent ripple and is more difficult to remove from the regulator. The half-wave does not perform efficiently like the different models and only works with low-importance devices.
  • Full-wave: It requires the center tap and the rectifiers use a specialized transformer. They are costly since they offer efficient power supplies. These models give less ripple after DC power conversion.
  • Bridge: It is the most efficient rectifier and works well with half-wave and full-wave types. It needs four diodes to have a complete AC conversion and a special transformer.

How A Regulated Power Supply Work

After the currents leave, the power supply changes to an unregulated model. This kind of model is used for general purposes in cases where you require stable electricity, and it will not change when the load does. Regulated power supplies are in two forms; linear and switching. Please note, if you are not a trained professional who knows how to work with electricity safely, then don’t use these things. It may be extremely dangerous for inexperienced people.


AC and DC power supplies are applicable anywhere at home or commercial operations. It transforms alternating current (AC) to stable direct current (DC). These are used to power multiple electrical devices. You need to know that designing AC/DC power supply to be efficient is a daunting task. Most of the operations need high-power, efficient, and can supply power to a wide range of electrical devices.

The AC/DC power supply design has changes, linear power supplies to limited operations with efficiency. Another point is that the switching power supplies help with AC and DC conversion.

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