What Everyone is Dying to Know About Harry Styles


Harry Styles — you likely know him as one part of the successful British boy band that took the pop world by storm in the 2010s, One Direction. If you’re a fan of Styles, you’re probably well aware of his solo projects and successes as a solo artist.

But do you know the small details? Do you know what animal he’s afraid of? Who he has a crush on? Or how about how tall he is?

If not, no worries! We’ll fill you in. Here are a few things that everyone has been dying to know about Harry Styles.

11 Harry Styles Facts That Everyone Has Been Dying To Know

Harry has butterfingers

Harry has openly admitted that he’s pretty clumsy. In fact, he’s even owned up to dropping his shades down the toilet — more than once! That’s right, this megastar suffers from a serious case of butterfingers.

He broke onto the dating scene early on

When he was 12, Harry has his first girlfriend. Her name was Emilie and he was smitten.

Adele is the apple of Harry’s eye

One year at the BRIT Awards, Harry admitted to having a rather large crush on Adele. According to him, of everyone at the music awards that year, she was the one he wanted to snog the most. He then added that she makes him go weak at the knees.

Aww! Isn’t that adorable?

Harry is tall

Harry Styles height is 1.83 meters or 6-feet! That means that he’s taller than the average British male.

He has meaningful tattoos

It’s obvious that Styles has a number of tattoos. But did you know that one of his tattoos is an homage to his 1D bandmates? Yep, the star on his forearm has five points — one for each member of the band.

He’s a fan of chick flicks

Harry’s guilty pleasure is chick flicks. A few of his favorite movies are classic “chick flick” films like Titanic, Love Actually, and The Notebook.

He’s scared of snakes

Everyone is scared of something — and Harry’s biggest fear is snakes! He suffers from ophidiophobia. When it comes to other animals, though, Harry’s a big softy.

Harry wanted to be a physiotherapist before joining 1D

It’s always fun to imagine what superstars would be doing if they weren’t in the spotlight. Harry has said, on more than one occasion, that he’d be a physiotherapist since that’s what he was studying for before joining the band.

His first word was “cat”.

According to His mom, Anne Cox, Harry’s first word as a baby was “cat”, which is pretty fitting considering how much of an animal lover he is today.

Harry needed a break

In 2014, the fateful year of 1D’s disbanding, it was actually Harry who suggested that they take a break from the band. In interviews since the fact, he’s said that the reason for the break was exhaustion — he and the boys were exhausted and needed some personal time.

He has four nipples

If you’ve seen any shirtless pictures of Harry online, you might have noticed that he has four nipples; we’re here to tell you that, no, your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you. He really does have an extra set of nipples below his regularly placed ones.

With so much making up any given person’s personality, it’s no wonder that Harry Styles is such a deep, complex human being. He is as iconic as man of those famous 70s male pop artists.  With a fear of snakes and aspirations to be a physiotherapist, Harry manages to be relatable while also being a larger-than-life pop star with a host of celebrity friends and a big, beautiful home.

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