What Flowers To Choose To Create A Wedding Arrangement Besides Roses?


The bridal bouquet is an essential aspect of the bride’s look. Monobouquets have lately become popular. A monobouquet will be an important finishing touch that gives harmony and attractiveness to a celebration built in a single color scheme.

A bridal bouquet of her favorite flowers would provide delight, confidence, and happiness to a girl with impeccable taste who appreciates simplicity and elegance. There are several flower kinds that are appropriate for a mono composition. Consider the most popular alternatives to roses below.

Because of the enormous variety of flowers available on the market, it might be difficult to pick which flowers to use while making a bridal arrangement. In such instances, it is preferable to rely on professional florists such as Djflowers. They will undoubtedly create a bouquet that the bride will like. But if you want to make your own monobouquet yourself, here is a list of the best flowers to use.

Calla Lily

Callas are traditional wedding flowers, self-sufficient, expressive and elegant. They symbolize luxury, prosperity, and wealth. Most often they are used at wedding celebrations arranged in a classic style. You can choose the classic version of white flowers, create a composition of yellow, pink, red and black callas. It all depends on personal taste and style of the wedding. The plant doesn’t require additional bright decorations.

Spring Tulips

These flowers are still considered spring flowers, although today they can be bought at any time of the year. Tulips symbolize tenderness, love. The variety of tulip types and rich colors make it possible to realize any creative idea and achieve the desired result. Using these flowers in a wedding arrangement will keep the bouquet looking fresh throughout the celebration. When creating a composition, bright colors and a contrast effect are used.


A bouquet of camomiles or daisies sets off the natural beauty and charm of the bride, allowing her to remain herself at a solemn and crucial moment in her life. It harmonizes with a simple dress and sincere nature of the girl.


Carnation is suitable for creating unique monobouquets, as it is presented in dozens of colors. Flowers retain their attractive appearance and aroma for a long time. They make even and neat bouquets. Ball-shaped compositions are very popular. They look very original.


A bouquet of orchids is an unforgettable classic. You can use not only white flowers, but give the composition an elegant shape in the form of plants hanging in a cascade. A bride with a bouquet of orchids looks spectacular and stylish, at the same time fragile and graceful.


Outwardly, the flower resembles a rose and a peony, but has distinctive features in the form of neat, as if evenly trimmed, multi-layered petals. In the 19th century, ranunculus were used to send messages like this: “I pay attention to you, but my heart is innocent.” It is about pure love, without passion and lust. Very romantic for a wedding day.


These are persistent flowers, so they are often used for both the bride’s bouquet and boutonniere. The plant has several meanings. One of them, which is great for marriage, is loyalty and devotion.


Wrap Up

Choosing a flower filling for a bridal bouquet is a difficult science. When choosing species, varieties, colors and combinations of plants, it is better to first familiarize yourself with some of the subtleties that will help you and make the process of finding the perfect bouquet easier and more understandable.

While exploring alternative flowers for wedding arrangements offers a fresh take on traditional bouquets, How Does Ikebana Go Beyond Simple Flower Arrangement? expands this concept further, illustrating the art and philosophy behind Ikebana.

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