What is “Era of We” all About?


Are you a coffee aficionado who is getting tired from the standard commercialization and exploitation of coffee resources? Do you desire a platform where sustainability and coffee go hand in hand? This is the exact goal of the Era of We which prioritizes its responsibility towards Mother Earth. This unique coffee platform not only centers around sustainability and environment but traceability as well.

The inside details of the Era of We

The top reason why customers fancy this platform is because it empowers the traditional coffee growers as opposed to other stores which hardly give any credit to them. When it comes to the partners of this online platform, it includes facilitators, roasters, consumers, estates, and more.

In short, whatever effort is dedicated towards bringing coffee to customers, they’re all partners of this website. The Era of We prides itself on the strong interconnectedness between roasters, estate and consumers. They have been successful in creating a completely sustainable supply chain throughout the crops.

The Era of We maximizes sustainability through four major practices: code of conduct audits, external certifications, top-notch assurance tools and native presence with facilitators. On their website, they allow the following things for their customers:

Roasters – Customers can reach out to the global audience and aid other brands in expanding.

Estates – This allows you to trespass the community price. Customers are given the freedom to control the value of their coffee. They can share their coffee stories too.

Micro roasters – Customers are offered the one-of-a-kind accessibility to the future coffee growers and credible estates. This is done with the help of a roasting partner.

Consumers – As this aspect is the concluding part of all efforts, consumers can familiarize themselves with the coffee making process of the Era of We. Not only this, they are provided with professional brewing tips from the coffee lab. If they want to, they can also participate in the collective movement of transparency in the coffee industry.

Facilitators – Customers can avail the chance to give important services to estates and roasters such as shipping logistics, cuppings, or something else.

Hospitality – You can expand your brand by becoming a top provider of excellent coffees.

Wrapping it up

Although the Era of We was established this year, it has attracted a significant fan base and loyal customers. Moreover, their reputation is quite strong as they boast transparency and smooth collaboration with all the workers within the coffee industry. Not only is their vision different, they are breaking stereotypes which usually revolve around the production of coffee.

The Era of We is transforming the coffee world and they have brought their own spin to it. Who would have thought that all workers in the coffee industry could enjoy a livable career by engaging in a massive group effort? You can think of this website as a go-to solution for all the coffee related issues faced by the customers and coffee growers. This is a revolutionary mindset and more success is definitely in store for the hardworking team behind the platform.

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