What Is Housekeeping?


If you have had general cleaning services in your home for a while now and feel that you need more, housekeeping services could be ideal. Housekeeping is one step above normal domestic cleaning services and offers a lot more. Today, we’re breaking down housekeeping services and finding out exactly what this cleaning service can provide. So that you can see whether this cleaning service is the best option for your needs. Check out more info about a trusted company that provides a professional house cleaning service.

What is housekeeping?

Housekeeping offers very similar cleaning tasks, but with the addition of even more services. Now, the tasks that a housekeeper can provide greatly depends on the cleaning company you choose for this service. However, we can give an overview of housekeeping services so you can see what to expect when using this cleaning service. Still, it is worth exploring a few cleaning companies so that you know you’re getting the service you want.

Different types of housekeeping

There are some housekeeping services that provide more time for tasks. So, the cleaning services you are getting are the same. However, the cleaner will remain in your home for much longer and be able to get more work done. These can be really worth it if you need a cleaner in your home for a lot longer than regular cleaning sessions last. Most people who use regular domestic cleaning services do still do some cleaning themselves. So, the cleaner may hoover, change the beds and dust, for example. And then the person may do the other household chores. If you don’t have time to do any household chores, having a housekeeping service come in and do it all for you may be the best option for you.

Other cleaning companies provide housekeeping services that go a bit further. For example, some housekeepers can leave your home and go and buy you basic shopping. Others may even provide basic help for elderly people. So, along with their cleaning duties, they can help get someone dressed or prepare a quick meal, for example.

Housekeeping services are designed to help you keep on top of your daily duties. These can include daily cleaning duties, shopping, and even some driving duties in some cases. Housekeepers almost act as a daily duties PA. They will ensure your home is nice and tidy and have the time to do tasks that you may not.

Housekeeping services

Loads of cleaning companies and self-employed cleaners offer housekeeping services, so the actual services you will receive can vary greatly. However, here’s a rough breakdown of housekeeping tasks that you may expect to receive:

General cleaning (hoovering, dusting, changing beds, mopping, cleaning the kitchen, washing and ironing clothes)
Shopping (picking up small items like ingredients for dinner)
Some driving (some housekeepers will do the school run)

Customised housekeeping services

Housekeeping services should be flexible. Daily life changes so quickly that having a housekeeper that can change with it is really handy. There are some cleaning companies that have strict rules as to what their housekeepers will do. Others, though, are more flexible and can change their cleaning or other daily duties to suit the situation.

When you organise a housekeeper to visit your home, you will likely be asked to fill out a checklist of what is required of the housekeeper that day. So, if you need them to hoover and mop all the floors as well as stack the dishwasher and change your beds, you can tick the boxes for those cleaning tasks. However, if something changes, you’ve had time to stack the dishwasher; for example, you need a cleaner and a company that is flexible enough to customise their daily tasks while they are there.

Finding a cleaning company that offers customisable and flexible housekeeping services is the best way of ensuring your housekeeper can do everything you need them to.

What not to expect from a housekeeper

While housekeepers are really handy and can help keep your home clean and make a few odd shopping trips for you, there are some things that a housekeeper can’t do. For example, a housekeeper won’t be there all the time. Usually, housekeepers will have a few customers per day, so they can only be with you for an allotted time. They won’t live with you, so it’s best not to expect a housekeeper to be a nanny, for example. They may drop your kids at school if the timing is right, but they may not be able to do it every day.

If you do need someone who can clean, cook and be there every day to help with daily duties, it is worth considering hiring a maid instead. Housekeeping services are the step between regular domestic cleaning and maid services. Maids can live in your home and do pretty much all of the daily duties you need them to.

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