What Kind of TV Should You Buy


LED Smart TV

Smart TV is one step ahead in everything from ordinary TV. This is something you should consider buying. The TV will work even if you do not have a cable or dish connection to the internet connected TV. With the help of internet you can watch videos, play games, connect to your mobile or computer in addition to TV, and with it comes the facility of picture zoom in, zoom out and video recording. Special technology smart TV made by combining home-network and on-demand streaming by connecting to internet. With Wi-Fi, you can enjoy various features like live streaming, games, internet browsing, and some apps like Netflix with the smart TV. Currently price of the LED smart TV has decreased and you can buy it in a cheaper price all around the world including Bangladesh.

Curved TV

The popularity of curved TV is increasing day by day. The color, brightness, functionality and outlook of the curved TV are all very good. Photos, videos, music, apps, etc. can be exchanged from mobile or similar devices as well as seen on TV. Internet access can also be enjoyed on this TV. In addition, the TV has a dynamic game collection. As a result, this TV will also come in handy for gamers. Carved TV supports quantum dot display, so the picture can be seen very brightly at low voltage. This display is made up of tiny particles that allow vivid images to be seen in bright daylight. There is also Ultra Clean View image quality, which can be seen in low quality input HD perfect video.
Here are some things to look for when purchasing a TV.

Screen Size

The size of the screen is the most important factor of the TV depending on the location of the TV, how many people want to watch it and the beauty of the room. Determine the size of the TV by calculating it. The larger the screen size, the lower the image quality.

Screen Resolution

How sharp or clear the image or video of the TV will be depends on the resolution. Nowadays TVs come in different resolutions. 720p, 1080p, Full HD, 4K Many TV manufacturers are also making Ultra HD TVs from HDTVs. However, Full HD 1080p, 4K resolution TV is the most popular in the market. The higher the screen resolution, the better the picture or video quality.

HDMI Ports

The more HDMI ports there are, the sooner the sound bar, Chrome cast or Roca will be set. Before buying a 4K Ultra HD TV, you need to check if the port supports HDMI 2.0 and make sure that the TV has at least 3 ports.


The speaker is a very important device in TV. Nowadays, most TV speakers have bad speakers. Sound is fine for small rooms but not perfect for large rooms. If you want to enjoy the full sound, you must have a separate speaker with the TV.

Color Depth

TV manufacturers try to keep the color quality of all types of TVs good. Even then, if you want to buy an expensive TV, it is better to see if it has “8 bits per channel” or more. This is especially important for that channel. Whether the photo is a realistic image or a TV that is suitable for the eyes, it should be checked before buying.

Backlighting Technology

If you are planning to buy a LCD TV then it is good to know about how LCD works because a lot of depends on the contrast of the screen. If the back light has not standard quality then it can cause problems from time to time. Backlight is also needed for contrast. When buying, take a good look at the quality of the backlight.

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