What should be your checklist when you move to a new place?


Moving to a new place is an experience filled with enthusiasm, inquisitiveness, and most of all never-ending stress and last-minute cold-feet. To most people, this process of shifting seems like their worlds have turned upside down. After all, your house does turn upside down!

While moving, it is only natural to have a million questions as you try to pack, unpack, load, and unload stuff. The havoc and chaos that accompanies the excitement of moving can be a real pain. Your judgment might be clouded with the hundred of tasks on your to-do list, thus, it becomes imperative to have a handy checklist before you move that helps you get organised and thoroughly enjoy this procedure of shifting to a new home-sweet-some.

Ideally, your shifting procedure should begin at least a month in advance.  A well chalked out plan, making reservations, pre-prepping everything etc needs a lot of time and consultation. If your palms are sweaty already, take a deep breath because we got you covered. Here are the most essential things that need to be present in your checklist:

Keep the essentials, eliminate the rest

The first step towards effective management of all your belongings while shifting should always be eliminating whatever you do not need anymore. While this may truly be a difficult step considering the emotional value attached to your stuff, it is unmissable. Once you rid yourself of all those unwanted things that you have never used and won’t use in the future too, you will start spotting the essentials and packing will become easier.

Categorise everything

Categorise all your belongings into definable categories. Right from clothes, books, utensils to furniture and electronics. Make a list of what needs to be stuffed into cartons and what needs to be labeled fragile. While at it, make some paste-its for each category which will help you while packing later. You can also categorise items by what needs to go first  (least important things like extra furniture) and what goes in the end(important things that you will use till the last moment like stove). Or you can also categorise stuff based on the rooms that they need to be in, this will make things simpler while unpacking as well.

Make Appointments

Once you have decided what all you need to take and created categorisation for the same you need to get started with making appointments from packers, movers and other transporters etc. Make your appointments well in advance because during the peak moving season (beginning of financial year or beginning of school/college) you may find it difficult to locate a decent service in your area. These bookings should be done a month before the moving date.

Insure Your belongings and yourself

Even though you may be skeptical about this one, never doubt a good renters insurance as it can save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle, stress and chaos. Nowadays renters online insurance policies have way more benefits than you could ever fathom. It covers personal property, temporary living expenses and sometimes liabilities and medical bills. What’s more, is that it even covers theft outside the home (thefts while moving are a very common phenomenon) which even covers you while you move. However, it goes without saying that you must carefully read about the services and plans of the insurance policies that you’re signing up for—just to have a clear idea of all the conditions and benefits that are covered in the plan you’ve opted for.

Renting containers/cartons

Deciding whether on the number of containers and cartons and later on renting or buying them before you start packing is an important step of the procedure. You may refer to a decent container guide that helps you understand what stuff fits where. Cartons and other packaging materials like tapes etc too should be purchased/rented before you start packing.

Book cleanup for your old and new place

A tidy and neat place is loved by everyone. While you may have in mind to clean up or hire a cleaning service for your new home it is also imperative to leave your old home in a good condition. This step may skip your mind in the hassle of moving but putting it on your checklist can save you a lot of last minute stress. Afterall, cleaning is one big step on your moving checklist.


Once you are all done, it’s time to look at the bright side and let the fun times begin. Getting comfortable and settled into your new home sweet home should be a piece of cake after all your stuff is organised and delivered safely. Enjoy the process and make some new and creative additions to your new home. A hassle free shifting will allow you that peace of mind which is of utmost importance while moving.


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