What To Expect From Full-Service Movers

Are you planning to move and you wish not to do any task on that day? Worry no more. You can enlist professional full-service movers to do everything for you as you sit back, unwind, and observe your worries get done without lifting a finger. 

It is an incredible option for individuals who wouldn’t want to do the arduous moving tasks or those who for various reasons, cannot handle a move themselves. Even though it does not come cheap, the remarkable convenience that comes with full-service moving is worth every dime. Here is a detailed guide of what full-service movers do and how much it can cost you.

What Do They Do?

In simple words, full-service movers do everything concerning your move including;

Offering all packaging tools and supplies – you do not have to travel to the stores for packing tapes, boxes, bubble wrap, and paper. The movers come with everything needed to effect the move.

Packing up everything – packing is among the hardest and time-consuming part of a relocation. Full-service movers pack the whole house with trained staff who get your things safely packed in a short while than you would do yourself. They also securely and expertly pack up valuable and fragile items.

Furniture disassembly – the movers will ensure that every one of your big, clumsy, and bulky furniture gets to your new place intact. This could mean partial or complete disassembly of furniture and reassembling when needed.

Loading and unloading the moving truck – you do not have to do the heavy lifting. After packing everything, they then load it all on the moving truck and when you get to the destination, they will do the unloading too.

Transporting your property – it does not matter where you are moving to. Full-service moving means all your things are taken where you want them to. You will get a delivery window when to expect your belongings and all you have to do is to avail yourself to receive the consignment.

Unpacking – you don’t just get the packing done for you. The movers can unpack as well. While you deal with other aspects of settling in, the movers will be taking everything where it should be. You only give them directions.

Discarding packing materials – moving leaves you with numerous cardboards that need recycling and other items that must be appropriately disposed off. This is left for movers Madison, AL to handle after all your things are unboxed.

What Are The Cost Estimates?

As expected, hiring movers to handle all the above tasks will cost a lot more than when they do just a few of them. The more services you need, the more it will cost you. Full-service movers generally charge about $25 to $50 per hour. The final cost depends on;

The number of movers you need, the size of your belongings, how far the things will be taken, if you need packaging tools, the activities the movers will do, and the time you will be moving. It costs higher on most popular times, days, seasons, and holidays. 

It is highly recommended that you get cost estimates from a few companies so you can do a comparison and make an informed decision. You can reduce expenses by doing some of the activities yourself. For example, the company can pack, load, ferry, and unload the things then you unpack and discard the packing materials yourself.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be a daunting task for most individuals. Doing a DIY can even become more overwhelming and leave you stressed out with risks of numerous things going wrong on moving day. Letting movers Madison, AL handle everything for you takes the burden off your shoulders.