What were the major fashion trends of the 2000s?


Growing up in the beginning of the twenty-first century was such a chaotic time. Our Hip Klips were replete with Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, and boy bands such as NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys. The coolest Bratz dolls were clothed in the most iconic fashion trends of the 2000s, inspiring us to unleash our inner rock stars and our love of fashion. Any style of chunky platforms was magical, and mini purses for Tamagotchi toys were required. A must-have was the pairing of low-rise bottoms or baggy, wide-leg jeans with an off-the-shoulder blouse.

We frequently forget what was once popular. However, after some time, it frequently returns with a brand-new interpretation. The 2000s are currently making a comeback, as evidenced by today’s most fashionable celebrities. For those of you who want to join in on the fun, we’ve unearthed the most fashionable early 2000s trends from what may appear to be a time capsule, but don’t worry, they’re just as fashionable now as they were then.  Keep reading!

 Cargo Pants

Woman in cargo pants

If you question whether it was unjust that cargo pants fell out of fashion. Everyone absolutely adores pockets, and the more the better. In the early 2000s, cargos may have been worn with sweatbands and skater shoes, à la Avril Lavigne. However, modernized silhouettes such as cropped tops and fitted bodysuits give the style a contemporary spin.

Baguette Bags

Women holding bags

There exists a Goldilocks metric applicable to purses. Some are far too large, while others are far too small, and we had far too many of both sizes crammed into our closets. But a medium-sized baguette that fits precisely beneath your shoulder? Exactly correct.

Velour Tracksuits

Velveteen tracksuits were a phenomenon of the 2000s that defied explanation. Everyone appeared to be aware of how preposterous they were, yet their popularity exploded nonetheless. The sight of one evokes memories of the Mean Girls era. The recent resurgence of the monochromatic tracksuit is evidence that Juicy Couture remains a status symbol. And sincerely, respect to Juicy for maintaining such longevity.

 Camouflage Trousers

Woman in camouflage pants

Camouflage has been fashionable for decades and continues to make us feel anonymous. In the 2020s, we recommend pairing camo with kitten heels and a tube blouse. Or, create a stunning streetwear look with a great pair of sneakers and an oversized jacket to complement your baggy trousers.

 Waist Belt

With the rise of boho design, belts were added to the loose, floaty dresses of the 2000s. A chain design or something more bohemian, such as a cinched rope variation, reflects the current era.

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf

The skinny scarf was a year-round accessory used to complement ensembles. Now, it’s a style you can effortlessly throw on before leaving the house.

Micro Miniskirts

Woman in miniskirts

The slight flare of these miniskirts made them resemble peplum skirts, minus the skirt portion. 

Currently, you’ll want to channel something a little longer and sportier; consider tennis skirt rather than micro mini. Or, if you are still considering the shortest hemline you can possibly pull off, try keeping the rest of your ensemble neutral and oversized.

 Bucket Hats

Kids in bucket hats

Bucket headwear have been popular for some time, but you can personalize yours by adding patches, rhinestones, or a daisy or yin-yang pattern. Fur, crochet, or canvas, a bucket hat is an accessory that can be worn throughout the year.

Low-rise Denim Jeans

These were ubiquitous. Eva Longoria wore these jeans to the ABC primetime previews, and her pink slender belt emphasized how low-rise they were.

Low-rise jeans used to be designed to highlight your midsection, but these days they are more comfortable. Obtain a belt that suits if your hips are smaller than your shoulders to prevent them from sliding off.

Trucker Hats

Justin Timberlake may have started this trend, but many women made the red carpet more casual by wearing trucker hats. The excessive baseball cap adds structure and balance to an otherwise feminine ensemble.

A somewhat random trend, wouldn’t you say? Nevertheless, the mesh panels on a trucker hat are extremely reminiscent of the early 2000s. After topping off your pink highlights with a Von Dutch hat, donning some DC skater shoes, and recharging your Sidekick, you are prepared for a night out with your friends.

Dresses over Pants

Transparent drees and black pants

The trend was to wear your trousers so long that they covered the majority of your shoe and even trailed on the ground behind you. Teen actresses favored the trend because it enabled them to wear mini dresses while still appearing family-friendly.

These days, it is more fashionable to wear black flared trousers or leggings that complement whatever you have on top. This is a trend that requires modifications before it can be worn in real life.

Corsets as Tops

Woman in corset

The figure-enhancing, form-fitting top was a “shocking for its time” interpretation of undergarments as apparel. If you’re thinking about the trend, perhaps some balance would be more effective. There are currently so many adorable corset tops that will make you feel both attractive and feminine while concealing your modesty. Thank the masters of design!


Remember the peculiar combination of influences that spawned the “geek chic” fashion trend? While there was an increase in suburbanites purchasing at thrift stores in the 2000s, dressing like your grandfather became increasingly popular. From the decline of emo music’s influence on the mainstream to the emergence of hipster culture at the end of the 2000s, cardigans made your grandparents one of the most influential fashion symbols. And don’t lie, you desired a heart-shaped Comme des Garçons play cardigan.

Wedges and platforms mules and sandals

Platform sandals

In the 2000s, the majority of footwear was designed to add a few inches to an individual’s height.

We fell head over heels for wedges and platforms due to designer brands like Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent.

If you want to “tower over” your peers, wedge mules and platform sandals in the fashion of the 2000s are the way to go.

Since platform sandals from the 2000s can be worn from spring until late autumn, wear them for additional height and a lovely summer chic look.

T-shirts and Tank Tops 

Woman in tank top

Figure-hugging silhouettes were a characteristic shared by the majority of 2000s hip-hop fashion styles.

As athleisure became one of the most prominent fashion trends of the 2000s, it is unsurprising that these closet essentials appeared everywhere, from the red carpet to coming-of-age films.

Alyson Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, and Hilary Duff, among other 2000s Disney stars, wore infant t-shirts and tank tops to flaunt their spray tans and midsections.

Those who desired a more modest appearance would wear infant t-shirts underneath their tank tops.

Bandage Dresses 

Herve Leger, a French fashion house founded in 1985, created the bandage dress, which was worn by everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lou Doillon during the mid-2000s.

The bandage dress was so well-known that it was worn by the most recognizable celebrities on every red carpet.

Despite the fact that Hérvé Léger is no longer a powerhouse brand, the classic bandage dress silhouette continues to reign preeminent.

As one of the most figure-hugging silhouettes of the 2000s, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, and Victoria Beckham favored the bandage dress’ seductive silhouette.

 Popcorn Shirts

Children of the early 2000s were preoccupied with observing growth. If you weren’t wearing this fashionable, multicolored crinkle shirt (which was originally the size of your hand) to school every week, you were probably observing teeny-tiny squares transform into washcloths in the bathtub or observing your grow-a-pet toy transform into a slimy sponge dinosaur in a bowl of water. See what kids were compelled to do for entertainment before Snapchat existed.

Gladiator, T-strap, and cutaway sandal-bootie

Gladiator sandals

The decade produced numerous footwear trends, but the cutaway bootie-sandal was one of the most original. The shoe was a Frankenstein-like hybrid that began with the strappy sandal transforming into a chunkier version of itself: straps became bulkier until they resembled cutouts, and heels shifted from stiletto to cone or stacked styles.

Long peasant dresses 

 Woman in a long skirt

A somewhat forgotten trend in the history of 2000s fashion, the maxi “peasant” skirt (also known as a tiered skirt, for obvious reasons) was truly an essential part of many people’s wardrobes during that decade. It was frequently paired with a multitude of other trends from this list, including (but not limited to): wide hip belts, tank tops, cropped cardigans, and yes, flip shoes.

Tank-Tops with Spaghetti Straps

In the 2000s, spaghetti-strap tank tops were popular, and camisoles with built-in undergarments were available in every color of the rainbow. With the arrival of summer, spaghetti-strap tank tops have returned to prominent retailers such as Old Navy and Neiman Marcus.

To Summarize

Considering the most popular fashions of the 2000s, it is evident that people took more risks with their ensembles and styles back then. The majority of ensemble ideas from the 2000s have evolved from everyday attire to trends that are currently being reimagined in capsule collections appealing to Millenials and GenZ consumers.

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