What you Need to Know about Virtual Dating

The dating game has changed A LOT over the past few years. Traditional dating methods have evolved and instead of dragging yourself to the local bar or club to meet someone, you can plomp yourself on your comfy sofa and scroll through your options.

Virtual dating has made meeting someone so much easier and convenient. Gone are the days of signing up for evening speed dating events, or going to “single-only” events to meet someone. Virtual dating has bought all of your options into the palm of your hands.

However, before you embark into the mysterious and exciting world of virtual dating, it is worth doing some research and reading some invaluable advice from experts themselves so that you’re fully informed on what is to come, and for the best online dating tips.

Here are some quick fire tips, and a mini crash course on the world of virtual dating to give you an idea of what is to come.

It’s easier for people to fake it

Online dating brings so much convenience and can make many difficult areas of meeting someone a lot easier. However, it does also make other, more deceiving things easier for people – such as not being completely clear and honest with who they actually are.

Getting to know someone behind a screen with only a few photos to go by, means it’s quite simple for people to bend the truth and most fake profiles of who they actually are. That’s why it is important to shift into video chatting as quickly as you feel comfortable to do so, especially if you’re considering meeting them in person.

The choice can seem endless

One thing that virtual dating provides is a huge choice of people. With each dating app or website comes a new, huge batch of singles and profiles to flick through. Whilst it’s easy to feel like a kid in a sweet shop, try not to get overly excited or swamped by the seemingly endless choice of new profiles.

It’s important to not get overwhelmed by the number of people you come across and begin becoming complacent in your “swiping left” habit thinking the next one will be better. At the same time it is vital to still maintain your high standards and not settle in what you’re looking for – figuring out that healthy balance will deem invaluable in the virtual dating world!

The choice is yours

With so many options available, it can sometimes be easy to get sucked into the online dating world and feel compelled to chat to or entertain conversation with every Tom, Dick and Harry that pops up onto your profile.

But remember, the choice is yours. It’s inevitable that you’ll get approached by singles that don’t really spark any of your interest but don’t feel obliged to reply just because they’ve messaged you – only chat to those you actually see potential with. Online dating makes pieing off a little easier than in real life – simply just ignore, block, delete.

Maria Asaad, is an experienced writer for various publications. When she’s not writing for the Miingle Mag or Bubbl Digital, you’ll find her binge-watching the latest craze on Netflix (she’s also got years of experience working in TV production!), being a committed youth member at her church or doing her daily yoga!