What’s Included in a Car Accident Settlement?


Drivers are advised to drive with caution, lest they get involved in accidents. If an accident occurs, the parties involved usually explore options to settle any damages. A settlement refers to an agreement to compensate for any harm caused in a car accident.

Before settlement, there is a need for the victim to file an injury suit accusing the individual liable for the car accident. You can also file a claim against the vehicle’s insurance firm requesting compensation for the injury. However, there must be proof that the driver was negligent, hence liable for the accident.

It’s legally assumed that members involved in an accident violated the basic rules in driving whenever an accident occurs. The victims need to file and request compensation over any damages. This covers any medical expenses, fix car damages, and settle any income loss following the accident.

Understanding the Car Accident Process

Filing for compensation may not be a straightforward process, especially if you are unsure of where to start. Nonetheless, hiring an NYC car accident lawyer can make the process effortless. You entrust the lawyer with the case, and he handles it with the necessary expertise until you settle.

The first step is to file a personal injury claim against the supposed driver’s insurance provider. Usually, a car accident leaves several damages that might be costly for you to fix. An injury claim helps analyze damages, such as disability, counseling due to trauma from the incident, pain, and incapacity to earn.

The next procedure involves the investigation of the alleged accident. You must be cautious, especially with the insurance company investigating the accident since they tend to be subjective. For safety, contact a lawyer who can ensure justice and compensation.

The next step involves the decision-making process. The claim can be approved or denied based on the insurer’s findings. Whereas an approved claim implies that the insurance is taking responsibility for the accident, a denied claim means that the insurance policy does not cover the case.

In case you were pursuing the claim independently, it’s recommended that you hire an NYC car accident lawyer. You can also seek a fair settlement package since the insurance firm will mostly compensate victims unjustly. Instead of falling victim to unfair treatment, always contact a lawyer to negotiate your settlement package in your interest.

What’s Included in a Vehicle Settlement?

Understanding what you need to get is crucial in pursuing a settlement. Two categories of damages, economic and non-economic, need compensation. Let’s discuss how each works.

Economic damages refer to anything that necessitated financial input. For instance, if you went to the hospital and got treated for any injury resulting from the car accident or a need to repair your vehicle, the damage will be recognized as economic. Besides, not reporting to work because of seeking treatment or undergoing a healing process implies that you cannot gain income.

On the other hand, non-economic damages refer to any emotional distress resulting from the accident. Such include pain, mental trauma, disability, and disfigurement. The non-economic damages may be challenging to deal with since they impact negatively on your emotions.

What can you expect from a car accident settlement?

After analyzing the damages incurred, compensation can vary depending on the magnitude of the damage. Insurance policies differ in the amount offered under accident compensation, and hence, a different firm would offer an amount that might be lesser than a competitor brand’s policy.

A victim must realize that many factors are involved in determining the settlement package. Such factors include the total medical expense and the possibility of resuming work and other activities. Notably, injuries that have affected your normal functioning, such as the brain and spinal injuries (catastrophic injuries), may necessitate significant compensation.

With the many factors involved, determining your settlement package can be tricky. Insurance policies also look at the possibilities of handling an incident similar to the one at hand. Nonetheless, you need to hire an NYC car accident lawyer to help in negotiating a settlement package. They are known and revered for their professionalism. Work with the right team for guaranteed success in your case.

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