What’s the Secret to a Healthy Lawn?


Having a beautiful lawn is a great way to enjoy your home and even expand into gardening. If you get your lawn in shape, a bountiful vegetable patch or blossoming flower beds might follow. Plus, a healthy lawn turf is pleasant to look at and won’t be an eyesore for your neighbors. There are lots of reasons to put in the time and effort to keep your lawn healthy.

The good news is, it’s not as difficult as you might think. There’s no need to spend hours and hours tending your grass. As long as you plan your lawn carefully from the very beginning, you can make sure it’s healthy without having to put in too much work. 

Maintaining your lawn gives you a pleasant environment to play and bond with your loved ones. It also captures a massive amount of dirt and dust to keep your family healthy and releases tremendous amounts of oxygen. The healthier your lawn is, the healthier your entire living environment becomes. Here are a few tips to help keep your lawn healthy.

Grow grass from seed

Growing your lawn grass from seed is a good idea. Some homeowners may think choosing between seeds and sod for their lawn is insignificant. However, seeds guarantee the best results. 

Grass seed is the natural way to grow a lawn. You also get to choose the right type of grass that fits your lawn. Saving money is another big benefit of choosing grass seed. Trustworthy companies like Nature’s Seed can help.

Choose the right seed blend

It’s important to purchase the right seed blend before you try to grow a lawn from seed. Understanding your lawn is essential, since different types of grass may thrive differently in various climates and locations. Make sure to seek guidance from a professional after making a brief list of your soil type, shade, aspect, the slope of your property, and your lifestyle. These factors will be essential in choosing the best grass.

Aerate your lawn

One of the essential steps many people forget is leaving their lawn to let it breathe. Since the lawn is used by people stepping on it and children playing, the soil can easily become hard and dense. That’s why your lawn needs to aerate. You can achieve this by making holes around the lawn by pushing spikes into the turf.


Fertilizing your lawn every five weeks during the growing season can do a lot to improve your lawn health, even if you mulch regularly. Fertilizing your lawn replaces nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen that are lost during the hot season. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using fertilizers.


Watering your lawn may not be as simple as it sounds. Some people water their lawns wrong. Watering your lawn in areas with low sunshine hours or even in the evening can lead to rot since the water stays in the blades of grass for too long. Water your lawn in the morning to allow the grass to dry.  Check out the best impact sprinkler on bestazy.com can help you with proper watering of your lawn if you’re tired of spending hours doing this.

Mow at least once a week

Mowing your lawn at least once every week, especially during the summer and spring, is essential in keeping it healthy and attractive. This keeps the grass looking fresh. It also encourages new growth.   Be sure to consider getting help from great options like lawn mowing Solihull and others. 

When mowing, remember to keep your blades sharp and mow with only the top one-third of the grass blade. This helps your lawn maintain its nutrients. Make sure that your mowing blade is in top condition by servicing it annually.

Deter lawn-damaging animals such as raccoons

If you find holes in your yard or large patches of grass that are rolled up, it’s probably the work of skunks, raccoons, and other lawn-damaging animals. They show up searching for insects and worms that are likely to appear near the surface after rain. 

Find a pest control company to find solutions like setting traps or installing an electrified fence. A simpler solution to pests is to buy a couple of boxes of moth crystals and sprinkle them over your lawn.

Build up low yellow spots

Many homeowners might immediately seek fungus and pest treatments whenever they see a yellow spot on their lawn. However, this isn’t always the best solution. Some yellow spots appear after heavy rain since grass can rot in standing water. Spreading a layer of compost to raise the spot up will likely facilitate the growth of new grass.

Use these tips to help your lawn stay healthy and in good shape long-term.

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