When the Moving Gets Tough: How to Cope When Moving in a Week or Less

Around 6 million houses are sold each and every year in the US.

That’s a lot of people upping sticks and moving home! Whether it’s for work, family, or just a change of scenery, moving house is always an exciting time.

However, that doesn’t make it easy!

As anyone who’s done it knows, moving in and out of a house is hard work.

After all, with a whole lifetime to pack up into boxes and transport elsewhere, it’s natural for stress and hassle to follow. Doing it in a hurry adds a whole new level of challenge to the experience. When you’re up against the clock, the process can start to feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to! With the right approach, you can make light work of a heavy task. Need to move home in a week or less? Let us help.

Keep reading for 6 tips on moving house in a hurry.

1. Stop for a Second

You’re in a rush.

There’s a million things to do and almost no time to do it. Taking a moment to pause can feel out of the question. However, do it anyway!

Stopping to take a breath is important. It’ll help you take stock and avoid any overwhelm that could easily develop. Moving house with little time at your disposal isn’t an easy task. However, it’ll only be harder if you’re stressed out and unable to think clearly.

Start by stopping.

Take a moment to pause. Make yourself a cup of tea and get to grips with the job at hand. Write yourself a list of things to do so you can set about doing them methodically. The process will, hopefully, run far smoother and with less worry throughout.

2. Gather Together the Resources

You can’t move house without the necessary equipment.

Think cardboard boxes, packing materials, and packing tape!

With no time to lose, the trick is to get everything you need in one go. You can’t afford to keep running back and forth to the store. Reflect on the amount of stuff you’ll be transporting. That should provide an idea of how many boxes you’ll need.

From there, go and get your hands on them. Remember the bubble wrap (or other protective materials) to keep your possessions safe in transit too.

Another way to save time would be to purchase an actual tape dispenser. This will help you avoid the fiddly process of finding the end of the tape, pulling and cutting it to length. With a pistol grip tape dispenser, you’ll save yourself the effort and frustration too.

3. Recruit Some Support

Don’t underestimate the value of having some help with this process.

Now’s the time to call in some favors.

Get your friends and family to come by and lend a hand. After all, many hands make light work. Having more people will make a mighty difference to both the time it takes and the stress it elicits. You’ll be racing through the sorting and packing in record time.

Compare that to having to do it all by yourself! With other people offering their support, you’ll protect your physical and mental health. There’ll be less heavy lifting and less chance of getting overwhelmed by everything.

4. Get Rid of Your Things

Packing is a problem when you’ve got lots of things to transport.

Conversely, the less you have to pack, the easier the process of moving becomes. As such, it can pay to rid yourself of everything and anything that you no longer need.

See the move as a chance to cull your number of possessions!

You might have accrued masses of clothes and possessions you no longer use. Does everything that you’ve stowed away in the attic, basement, and garage for years need to come to the new house? It may have been gathering dust for years!

There’s a good chance it’ll only do the same in your new place.

Sort through it all and throw anything out that you won’t need. Think about it like this: every item you chuck away is one less thing to wrap, pack, transport, unload and unpack.

5. Don’t Over-Organize

In any ordinary moving situation, we’d encourage you to stay as organized as possible.

After all, the more organized you are in the packing stage, the easier the unloading process becomes. But this is no ordinary situation.

You’ve got to move house in a hurry.

And all the usual organization takes time. There are items to pack and arrange into sensible locations; boxes need labeling appropriately. Being diligent here is laborious from start to finish.

If you’re truly pushed for time, then forget taking that tack.

Do what you can to get all of your possessions packed up and ready to go. Boxes might go unlabelled; clothes might end up in the same box as your kitchen appliances. It doesn’t matter! The quicker you pack it all, the sooner you move.

6. Use Professional Movers

Let’s face it:

The fastest way to move house is to employ professional movers to do it for you.

Sure, you’ll pay for the privilege. However, it’s by far the quickest and most stress-free solution to your problem. These guys are trained to pack, load, transport, and unload your stuff.

You sit back and relax while they take care of the rest.

If you’re moving in a peak season, then it might be hard to acquire movers at short notice. Think about that ahead of time if you have that luxury.

Otherwise, do some digging online and you’re sure to find a company that can help (www.nashvillemastermovers.com is a good place to start if you happen to be in Nashville, Tennessee).

Time to Begin the Moving In Process

Millions of people move home every year.

And you can guarantee it’s a stressful affair for every single one of them!

However, it’s far more difficult when the moving in process needs doing in a hurry. Hopefully, though, this post will help you do it with greater ease.

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