Which Wax Is Most Comfortable For Hair Removal?

Waxing is an effective method of hair removal if you are not a fan of shaving. It is a popular way since you do not have to risk cutting and injuring yourself like you would using razors. This method also has visible advantages over shaving. It leaves your skin softer and completely removes the unwanted hair without leaving the sharp hair endings that are often very uncomfortable. There are different ways of waxing. These methods include hard and soft waxing. Each of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages. They also come in varying brands like the Authentic Brazilian Wax and others. Let’s delve deeper to know which of the two is more comfortable. 

Hard Wax

Using hard wax has several advantages and disadvantages. For one, this wax adheres to your hair follicles allowing you to remove hair from the root. It leaves your skin ultra-smooth and with a long-lasting effect. It will take three or four weeks to see hair growing again. Secondly, this wax is pleasant to the skin. It is good for those with sensitive skin as it is painless and does not damage the skin. It also never leaves a messy patch of stray hairs like when using strips. It removes the first layer of the skin along with the hair. You do not need to go over the area several times like you would when you use strips. This wax is ideal for small and delicate parts of your body. You can remove hair from very delicate parts including your face and inside your nose as well as any shot, but noticeable hair. 

When cleaning, the wax hardens making it easier to remove the residue that remains on your skin leaving it fresher and cleaner as compared to using strips. 

This type of wax has few disadvantages. It is not as effective for removing hair from areas such as your chest and legs. Some people with skin allergies can experience reactions when they apply this wax. However, you can always try out various products to determine one that is comfortable on your skin. 

Soft Wax

Soft wax is the other means of waxing or hair removal. In this method, you apply thin strips with wax along the direction of the hair growth, and then snap them off your skin. This process can be a bit painful especially when you abrasively remove the strips to rip off your hair from the roots. You can apply glycerine or powder to act as a small barrier between your skin and the wax to minimize the pain. You can use this wax to remove hair from areas such as your chest and legs. The strips firmly attach to the abrasive and tough hairs and snap them off their roots leaving these parts of your body smooth.

You should, however, be careful when snapping the strips out since you can leave your skin with inflammations that are often painful. You can apply petroleum jelly or lotion to minimize this inflammation and pain. 

Now you know the difference between these two types of waxes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You should choose your preferred method based on the part of your body that you need to wax.