Who conducts the REET exam? Can candidates from other states apply for the REET exam?


REET or the Rajasthan Eligibility Entrance Test is conducted by the Board of Secondary Education of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Board releases above 20,000 vacancies for primary teachers. Its main aim is to assess the eligibility of candidates for primary and upper primary levels.

Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan has been authorized to conduct REET/RTET in Rajasthan. Candidates who would like to pursue a career in education need to grasp this opportunity, where more than 30,000 candidates are likely to be given a chance to fulfill their dream job.

Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teacher-REET or Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (RTET) is a state-level based competitive exam conducted by the BSER to certify candidates for employment as teachers in the state of Rajasthan.

  • REET exam 2022 will be conducted by BSER Board on May14-15, 2022.
  • Application forms will be available on its official website.

Eligibility Criteria

REET is conducted for the recruitment of teachers for two different levels-

Level-1-Primary Teacher for Grade 1 to 5 – Senior secondary/two-year diploma of education or Graduate with a 2-year diploma in elementary education.

Note: According to NCTE, B.Ed qualified are not eligible for REET Level 1 exam.

Level-2- Upper Primary Teacher for Grade 5-8 – Any graduate with 50% marks and B.Ed(1year).

Note- According to NCTE, candidates from Commerce background can apply for the level 2 exam with the Social Sciences as the main subject for the REET exam.

Selection process

Candidates who qualify for the REET exam with minimum qualifying marks as prescribed by exam authorities will be eligible for REET certifications and appear for a personal interview for their appointment in various government and government-aided schools in Rajasthan. It is done in two stages: written exam and interview.

There is no negative marking for the REET exam, but one has to score 60% or above to qualify for REET certification, which would be valid for three years from the date of certification.


Level 1 syllabus – Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental studies, Mathematics, English, and Hindi or Sanskrit ( depends on second language choice).

Level 2 syllabus – Child development and Pedagogy, English and Hindi, Social Sciences, Science, and Mathematics (chosen according to opted subjects).

REET Salary 2022

1st Grade teacher- 44,000

2nd Grade Teacher-37,800

3rd Grade Teacher-23,700

Apart from this, the selected candidates are eligible for additional benefits such as Travelling Allowance, DA, urban damage supply, and other living expenses.

The best app to prepare for REET 2022

Preparing for the REET exam is not easy and requires dedication and guidance. To start with REET preparation, make a thorough list of the topics you need to prepare. Now divide those topics as tough, medium, and easy to formulate your preparation strategy. And, opt for BYJU’s Exam Prep website to ensure you are sorted with your preparation.

Byju’s Exam Prep App provides various video lectures and online courses to get a better score in REET 2022. It provides 180+ interactive live classes with 160+ revision modules for candidates. Weekly mock tests are held to facilitate easy learning and develop a strong command over the subjects. Byju’s Expert faculties provide curated study material that helps manage time retention of concepts to increase competency on various topics.

Can candidates from other states apply for the REET exam?

  • Candidates from other States can apply for the REET exam, but preference will be given to candidates on a priority basis during the selection process.
  • Foreign nationals are not eligible to apply for the REET exam.
  • Other state residents can apply for the RPSC RAS post on a temporary basis.
  • RPSC is a state public service examination, and candidates from other states can apply for Rajasthan administrative services exam only after qualifying REET examinations 2022.


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