Why a Business Degree is a Smart Choice


Ready to go to college but aren’t sure of a major? It is tough to think about what you want to do for the next 40 or so years when you are not even out of high school. Don’t stress about your choice too much. It is common to switch not just jobs, but careers, more than once over your working years. Your goal for college is to earn a degree that leaves you employable. The ability to land a job, and the confidence that comes with it, make it much easier to feel content in your current position and land a more lucrative one.

Why Business?

A business degree provides a well-rounded education that prepares you for many different careers. Because business school graduates don’t have a specific title, like someone who goes to school to become a teacher or nurse, it can be difficult to envision what they do. A business degree prepares you to work in marketing, human resources, accounting, management, and many other fields. It can also help you land a job in a sector that doesn’t require a specific degree or any at all. Employers know that individuals with business degrees understand how to pay attention to detail, read contracts, manage their time, and work as part of a team. Those skills will open plenty of doors for you over the course of your career.

Paying for School

Reluctant to head to college because of the costs? Earning a business degree will not only make it easier to find and keep a job, but it will also increase your lifetime earning potential. That doesn’t help now though, right? There are plenty of options to help pay for your degree. Taking out private student loans gives you the money you need to cover not only tuition but books and other educational expenses. The process is simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Complete the information online, and know in minutes what the terms of your student loans are.

Boost Employment Opportunities

A degree is one way to make yourself more employable, but college opens other doors as well. Take advantage of internships as early in your educational career as possible. Completing at least one internship gives you some real-world experience to put on your resume. Internships also open the door for employment after you graduate. Many companies use internships as a test run for future employment. If you do well, they may provide a return offer. This means you have a full-time position after you graduate.

Career fairs are another benefit you should take advantage of. They provide exposure to a range of companies and job opportunities that you probably haven’t considered. Even the practice of handing out your resume and talking with recruiters and company representatives provides benefits when you start seriously interviewing. Speaking of resumes, let your school help you there as well. The career center can work with you to polish your resume, craft a winning cover letter, and even set up mock interviews.

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