Why Buying Organic Beans is Worth It


The more we learn about our food, the more we really understand that mass-produced items we have been eating for years have really been negatively affecting our health in ways that are often unimaginable. The level of genetic engineering and chemical additives and enhancements that go into only our produce alone is amazing, and that’s not even getting into the steroids, antibiotics and the horrid conditions in which animals are kept for meat. This is why many people are taking a stand and deciding to eat organic from local millers and farms. Whether for moral or health purposes, the fact is that we really don’t know what we’re putting into our bodies when we eat that stuff from huge factory farms.

A lot of people are looking at beans as a good source of food for their many different benefits. More and more people are starting to buy organic beans online. Is this something that you should be doing? When it comes to a food source with a huge laundry list of positive benefits, you would be hard-pressed to find something more beneficial than an organic bean. Here are some of the best benefits that you can experience by purchasing organic beans.

What are Organic Beans?

Organic beans are the beans that are produced and processed without using any synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. There are three types of organic beans: dry beans, snap beans, or also known as green beans, and soybeans. Let’s discuss more about these beans below:

Dry Beans

Dried red beans

Dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are the beans that belongs to the Fabaceae family. From the name itself, they are beans that were purposely dried for future. Types of dry beans include pinto, navy, black and kidney. In the United States, there are about 1.5 million acres of dry beans being planted by farmers. From this, we cannot deny that US ranks first in pinto bean production. 

Green Beans

Green beans

Green beans, also known as string beans or snap beans, usually grows during the summer and fall. Types of green beans include yellow wax beans, purple bush beans, purple heirloom and beige heirloom varieties. These beans contain fiber which aids in digestion and if you are fond of eating this type of bean, you can stir-fry, soup or stew, add in salads or casserole, steam, roast or sauté, add to fried rice, and make pickled green beans.



Soybeans, also known as soya beans, are native in East Asia and belong to the legume family. By 1800s, United States was able to cultivate this variety and right now, US is responsible for half of the worldwide soybean production. Soybeans can either be green or mature when harvested, or sold as dried or fresh. Since soybeans have mild taste and need some seasoning, they are usually combined with other types of flavorful ingredients.

8 of the Best Benefits of Organic Beans


1: They Are Much Safer to Eat

Herbicides, pesticides, genetic engineering, and artificial environments to grow produce are all just big problems for many people when it comes to the food they eat. Not to mention their health and the health of their family members. There are just so many things that are inherently unnatural with factory-farmed food. These problems do not present themselves with organic produce like beans. You can be sure that the beans are grown using natural methods and no harsh chemicals and additives, and the beans are not genetically engineered and tampered with to produce higher yields. This is the peace of mind many are after.

2: They Taste a Lot Better

When you buy organic beans online, you are getting a variety of items like peas, lentils, black beans, etc., that have been naturally grown. This means that they grew per their natural schedule, in natural soil and surroundings, and they have developed that earthy umami tastes that a good bean is known for. There is just no way around this fact; organic produce tastes far superior, and anyone telling you otherwise is in all likelihood shilling for the practice of corporate farming. To experience what a bean is supposed to taste like, make sure you buy organic.

3: An Amazing Variety to Choose From

Most people will pick up a bean variety from a grocery store so that they can have a simple side dish. With a quality miller to shop from for organic beans, however, you’re getting a huge variety of beans and can actually start placing much more focus on the bean as the star of the dish. From green beans and popular varieties like navy beans to jewels you will be happy to discover like ancient ancestor and black turtle beans, there are all sorts of varieties from which you can choose. Such a large variety gives you a great reason to keep eating healthy, as you try a lot of different recipes and combinations.

4: You Get Protein Without the Meat

Beans are also packed full of protein, which means they make a fantastic meat substitute. Even if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, or if you’re not taking some moral stance against meat, the fact is that alternative sources of protein are smart for any diet. Prices of meat sky-rocket due to all sorts of market conditions, and the way factory farms operate; you never know when that supply may be interrupted. Plus, you’re getting a break from the fat and cholesterol than meat brings with it, without having to sacrifice the protein. It’s a smart choice.

5: They Are Full of Antioxidants

You may have heard talk about antioxidants before but aren’t quite sure what they do. Well, antioxidants fight and kill free radicals in the body, which are harmful chemicals that affect your body’s ability to metabolize food and can also cause damage to your DNA and even bring about cancer cells. Organic beans have a lot of polyphenols in them, which help to fight off these free radicals. The more beans you eat, the fewer free radicals you have flying around in your body, wreaking havoc.

6: They Help Promote Heart Health

According to multiple studies on the effects of beans on the body, people who eat beans regularly are far less likely to suffer cardiovascular disease or a heart attack. One of the reasons is what we discussed above, in that people are replacing a lot of those animal products with beans. Though there are a lot of other reasons, such as the fact that beans help to lower LDL cholesterol levels and have a lot of vitamins and nutrients which promote a healthier body overall. They also pack a lot of fibre, on average about 14 grams per serving, which helps to regulate your metabolism.

7: They Help to Stabilize Blood Glucose

Back to the fibre we just mentioned, this is also a substance that will help you stabilize your blood glucose levels. Fibre cancels out carbohydrates, basically by not breaking down in your bloodstream. This means that the carbs that beans do have to break down more slowly over time, thus releasing glucose more slowly in the blood. This can help prevent one from getting diabetes and can also help treat blood sugar levels if one does have diabetes already.

8: Beans Are Great for Weight Loss

The average diet fails, and the person just ends up gaining more weight. How does this happen? People in the habit of over-eating revert back to those bad foods and habits when they feel hungry. This isn’t as much of a problem with organic beans. The large amounts of fibre and protein in the beans will help a body actually feel full and for a lot longer. People who enjoy beans can more easily lose weight.

When you want the best organic beans to buy, you should always remember to shop with the best source that you can find.


Organic beans provide a lot of health benefits than those inorganic ones. That is why a lot of people are taking the switch and have decided to purchase organic beans from local millers and farmers. They are an excellent source of fiber, protein, folate and potassium. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you reasons as to why buying organic beans is worth it.


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