Why Is An Exercise Bike Good For You?


According to a study, indoor cycling coupled with good dieting reduces both bodyweight, triglycerides (blood fat), and blood cholesterol.

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We generally have three common types of exercise bikes, sometimes known as stationary bikes.

The first type is the recumbent bike, where you cycle in a recline position. The bike is the right choice for cyclists with joint issues and mobility restrictions. It generally has a large seat.

The second type is the upright bike, where you cycle in an upright position. An upright bike looks like the regular road bike, only that it’s stationary. Unlike a recumbent bike, an upright bike features a smaller seat.

We also have the dual-action bike, which comes with movable handlebars to let you perform arm exercises as you pedal. The cycle is an excellent choice for general body workout.

Why Pick An Exercise Bike?

The first reason is for your safety. Unlike road cycling where you always have to stay alert to avoid inattentive drivers and bad roads, there are no such restrictions with indoor cycling.

Compared to road bikes, exercise bikes are cheaper. So, the second reason for picking such bikes is affordability. We have so many exercise bikes that cost under $100, thus more affordable.

Riding an exercise bike is a low impact activity, which means it’s safe for recuperating patients, pregnant women, and guys new to working out. That’s another genuine reason to pick the bike.

Last but not least, exercise bikes come with so many health benefits that we are going to look at below.

10 Health Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Generally, here are ten health reasons why an exercise bike is right for you:

1. Weight Loss

You can burn roughly 600 calories every single hour your cycle indoors. That’s more compared to walking where you lose about 207 calories per hour.

You should note, however, that indoor cycling doesn’t work alone, as mentioned in my opening remarks. You can only lose weight and maintain it if you also observe a healthy diet.

When we talk of calories, you have to burn more than what you consume to lose weight. That’s the rule.

2. Body Toning

Body Toning

An exercise bike works on your quads, calves, and glutes to allow you to shed some fat and become leaner. That’s how you quickly tone your lower body.

And if you engage your hands in the cycling, then you’ll also be toning your upper body. Your core gets challenged more when you pedal, and so your upper body gets lean.

3. Body Strengthening

Riding an exercise bike boosts your lower body strength. The cycling will make your quads, calves, and hamstrings stronger.

Additionally, it works on your glutes and core as well as the back.

If you involve your hands, then you get to strengthen your triceps and biceps. So, a good exercise bike strengthens your entire body.

4. Joint Rehabilitation and Mobility

Knowing that indoor cycling is low impact, you don’t have to worry about your joints, especially after a sprain. On the contrary, cycling helps to rehabilitate your sprained joints to enable you to regain your fitness.

Moreover, indoor cycling can help you regain joint mobility following an accident. You should, however, talk to your physiotherapist first before you can start cycling.

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol can easily expose you to cardiovascular issues. Luckily, you can lower the risk with a low impact exercise like indoor cycling.

By lowering your triglycerides (fat levels), indoor cycling also lowers bad cholesterol. So, you tend to become leaner, not just physically but also internally.

6. Heart Health

Just because indoor cycling is low impact doesn’t mean that it’s not a cardio routine. On the contrary, it’s good for your heart since it allows it to pump better.

Given that you are shedding off bad cholesterol, you get to avoid cardiovascular issues like a heart attack. The exercising also normalizes your heart rate, thus minimizing the risk of a heart attack.

7. Lung Health

Regular indoor cycling can help you manage your breathing intensity when you engage in physical activities. So, it somehow improves your lung capacity, and that means more oxygen in the blood.

For this reason, asthmatic patients and those with other severe lung conditions are advised to consider indoor cycling. You should, however, consult a physician first before you can start cycling if you have a chronic respiratory illness.

8. Better Mood

Are you feeling moody or stressed? That’s not a problem when you have an exercise bike at home. Just ascend the bike and start cycling.

Indoor cycling triggers the secretion of mood-enhancing hormones like serotonin and endorphin. The two hormones restore your wellbeing status, which means you get to become happier and less anxious.

Generally, cycling at least an hour every day, earns you the ‘runner’s high’, which is a euphoria feeling. So try the routine to enjoy the exciting feeling.

9. Brain Health

According to studies, indoor cycling promotes cognitive functions, alertness, and memory. That explains why exercise bikes are recommended for slowing down brain degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer.

Cycling regularly stimulates the brain, making it more active. Generally, several good hormones are released when you cycle that energizes your brain and improve its activity.

10. Improved Sleep

Are you having difficulty in sleeping? It would help if you tried indoor cycling before you can consider medical intervention.

Your sleep deprivation may be due to stress or inactivity. Physical inactivity is a leading cause of sleep apnea (when you have problem breathing while sleeping).

The good news is that regular indoor cycling can help. Given that it improves your lung capacity, it can prevent sleep apnea. And considering that cycling stimulates the release of happy hormones, you can avoid stress if that’s what is depriving you sleep.


The benefits of an exercise bike go beyond weight loss. The equipment is suitable for your fitness and general wellbeing. So, why not get it? You can count on the above advantages for a start.

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