Why Piano Size and Weight Matter While Moving


Moving the piano is quite a challenging task, even for a professional moving company in barrie. One of the reasons is its size and weight. If you misjudge these dimensions, transportation may have serious consequences. Let’s consider this issue in more detail.

Why Is It Important to Know the Piano Size?

Before moving the piano, you need to consider the height and length of the instrument. If you know these parameters, you will find out whether your instrument fits in the elevator or not. If there is no elevator or the piano doesn’t fit in it, this information will also be useful. At least, you will know how many people you need to carry the instrument.

For instance, let’s take a standard upright piano. It’s usually 58 inches in width, 50 to 60 inches in height. And the depth is approximately 24 inches. You will need four people to transport the instrument efficiently. Two or three of them will be responsible for the lifting. Others will guide them to the moving truck.

If it’s necessary to transport a concert grand piano, it’s recommended to invite even more piano movers in Toronto. While transporting such instruments as the piano, it’s important to pay attention to everything: tight corners, staircases, etc. Moreover, there is a risk of damaging not only the instrument itself but also the exterior of the buildings. So, the more movers work on this task, the better.  

What About the Piano’s Weight?

Knowing how much the piano weighs is even more important. Moving any heavy object is always hard work and you run the risk of damaging it. If you underestimate the weight, you may not be able to transport your instrument safely. What is more, in this case, it will be difficult to avoid possible injuries.

On the one hand, the piano is a heavy instrument that needs special handling during transportation. On the other hand, it’s a fragile instrument that is not so easy to handle and move. When the instrument is transported from one place to another, it might easily get out of tune.

The piano’s weight plays a significant role in transportation. In particular, it determines:

  • the cost of transportation;
  • the number of movers you need;
  • the time of transportation;
  • the moving equipment you need to use;
  • the type of moving truck.

You need to know how much your piano weighs because it’s an important factor for calculating the cost when hiring professional piano movers in Toronto. Moreover, this information will help to define the number of specialists that are necessary for moving. The proper number of movers is crucial in this case if you want your instrument to be safe.

One more point is that the heavier the piano is, the more time it takes to transfer it. Furthermore, it is important to choose the proper equipment, as well as a van for transportation. Not all vehicles that are used by different companies are equipped for moving heavy instruments. 

First of all, the instrument should be properly secured during transportation. One may think that if the item is heavy, it will stand still. However, the first pothole on the road and the consequences may be unpredictable. If you want your piano to survive the transportation, it’s better to opt for a proper moving truck that is equipped with all the necessary materials. 

So, it’s important to know the weight and size of the piano because you need to plan everything ahead. Before you hire professional piano movers in Toronto to transport the instrument, you need to consider all possible conditions in advance. 

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