Why Should You Read Newspaper for Bank Exam Preparation?


Are you an aspirant to appear in different bank exams recently? Whether it is an exam for RBI Grade B, SBI PO, or even some other bank exams, lakhs of candidates apply for it each time. Some competitive bank exams are quite tough and you need to have strategic planning to prepare for these exams.

While you are preparing for these exams, you will get a dedicated syllabus for it. But apart from preparing from the syllabus and the suggested books, it is also crucial to gain knowledge from other sources such as the newspapers.

Some of the important areas that you need to prepare for the bank exams are English, General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, and so on. Thus, you should go through different General Knowledge books, newspapers, and others apart from the syllabus books.

While going through the newspapers, you should take care to read it in the right way.

If you are also preparing for bank exam, here are some of the tips that you can follow for reading newspapers.

Choose the Right Newspapers

One of the very first steps is to choose the right newspaper for preparation. Some of the newspapers that you can follow are Economic Times ePaper, Hindu Express, and the Hindu. You can select the right newspaper for reading every day as per your convenience and the availability of the newspaper in your region like you can pick Sandesh ePaper along with the Divya Bhaskar if you are from Gujarat. There are many candidates who even prefer to get 2-3 newspapers, but it is not always possible to go through all the newspapers every day along with the syllabus books, and other sources.

Choose the Right Topic

Reading the whole newspaper is not possible as it can take up a good number of hours. You have to make a schedule so that you can study the syllabus books, the sources for General Knowledge, and practice mock tests apart from reading the newspaper. So, you may get just about 1 to 2 hours a day to read the newspaper. Thus, one of the ideal ways is to go through the topics that are actually required for the bank exam. Some of the topics that you can go through in the newspapers for preparing your bank exams are:

  • National and International News
  • Economic News
  • News on Technology and Science
  • Sports News. Here is the latest ข่าวกีฬา from a reliable site.

Of course, you can go through other sections too but you should prioritize to offer more focus on the above-mentioned sections for the exam.

Make Notes

A major mistake that many of the candidates do is of not making notes on the news articles. Just skimming through the newspaper may not help you in keeping the essential points in mind. Hence, you should make notes from the newspaper and keep revising them whenever you want.

So, how to make notes from the newspaper? Here are the guidelines that you can follow for making notes from the newspaper.

Highlight Topics

Highlight the topics that you need to focus on such as national news, international news, economic news, technology news, and sports news. Highlighting the crucial topics in the newspaper makes it quite convenient for you to go through the newspaper. Also, it saves time in absorbing the fruitful news articles of the newspaper without wasting much time on the unnecessary stuff.

Sit with a Notepad and Pen

Whenever you are reading a newspaper, make sure that you sit with a notepad and a pen to make notes. It is not always necessary that you will remember whatever you have read. Hence, you should start noting the important topics that you can revise from time to time. Keep pens of different colours to highlight different points to make reading much easier.

Write in Your Own Words

Newspapers often use lengthy explanations of a small point also. Also, they create articles in a bit of high-scale English language. The best way is to note down just the important points so that you do not have to waste much time in reading the whole content again each time. You can also check last 6 months current affairs for better understanding and you will get the sentence in own words and be easy to read. Have this as a reference and make your own words.

What to Note

So, when you have started taking notes, what are the points that you need to note. Here are the crucial points that you need to note from the newspaper.

The Headline

The very first thing that you need to note down is the headline of the news article that you are noting. Make sure to note a headline that can offer you the jest of the news in short when you go through it later on.


Next, you need to note down what has happened in the news article. It can be an accident or an announcement for a policy or so on. Mention what has happened first in a small descriptive way or 1 or 2 sentences.


Now, you have to mention where the particular event or incident has taken place. This particular point will help in mentioning whether it is national news or an international one.


Next, you have to mention the time period of the occasion or the incident that has taken place in the news article. Often you may get questions at the exam about when a particular incident has taken place recently. Hence, you should make sure to note down the time period of the news.

Why and How

Apart from the important points of what, where, and when, you also need to mention the reasons for the incident. Often the facts behind the incident are also quite important to understand the situation in a much better way.

Important Figures

You should check out and note the important figures that can be a part of the exam. For example, if a policy has got launched, you should check out the exact figures such as the budget of the policy, and so on.

When you have created the notes, you can go through the notes and revise them from time to time.

When you are appearing for bank exams, just going through books is not enough. Reading the newspaper is a major thing that you need to go through in order to crack through the exam better and you get across a better position in banks.


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