Why should you use CBD oil?

CBD oil is a product approved for private use that has a pain-relieving effect against various diseases. When taking CBD oil, there are specific “rules” that you must follow. Besides, there are also a few criteria that you should pay attention to before you decide on a CBD oil.

CBD products are fitted for all kinds of use and people. You can buy CBD cosmetics, CBD gums, CD creams, CBD beers, etc.

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Today we will find out why CBD oil is right for you.

With our big CBD oil test, we want to help you to find the best CBD oil for you. In the following topics, we will introduce you to the case and help you to simplify your purchase decision as much as possible.

CBD oil and cannabidiol

CBD is one of the many substances contained in the cannabis plant. The correct name of the substance is CBDa. This substance only becomes CBD through the so-called decarboxylation, where the CBDa is vaporized, and CBD is created.

The main characteristic of CBD Oil is the analgesic effect on the body. That is why it has become an effective drug for painful conditions in medical circles.

Please also note that in the UK, CBD is not considered a medicine, but a dietary supplement, which is why it can generally be bought everywhere.

What is the CBD oil effect?

The main characteristic of CBD Oil is the analgesic effect on the body. That is why it has become an effective drug for painful conditions in medical circles.

It is important to note that CBD oil cannot remedy the cause of the pain. The CBD oil only alleviates the problem and does not fight it.

CBD oil is perfect for getting off pain relievers. Besides, CBD oil has not yet had any side effects.

CBD offers excellent support during therapy for various chronic diseases. Among the conditions in which CBD oil can relieve pain are:



Anxiety disorders


CBD oil can relieve the pain that migraines bring.

The first chronic illness where CBD oil can effectively relieve headaches is migraines. It can also reduce medication. Even if in most cases a positive effect is the result, in rare cases there may be an increased frequency of the complaints.

CBD oil to help with depressions

One of the good things about CBD Oil is that it has an anti-anxiety effect. The administration of CBD oil to patients with depression has a similar effect to antidepressants.

Serotonin (regulates various organ functions) and glutamate (necessary for cell metabolism) levels rise in the brain, depending on the emotional state, and the amount of CBD administered.

This study suggests that CBD Oil could work as a fast-acting antidepressant.

What does CBD oil cost?

The price of CBD oil fluctuates a lot, and it depends on various factors. These include the manufacturer, the quality and the country of origin. The cost of CBD oil is also due to the complex production.

The price for CBD oil starts at 10 euros. But the price can also rise quickly, so a 10 ml bottle can quickly cost 50 to 60 euros.

Is CBD oil legal?

You are probably wondering whether CBD oil is legal. We can give the all-clear. Buying CBD oil in the UK is legal. According to the law, the amount of THC in the products must not exceed 0.2%.

What side effects does CBD oil have?

In the beginning, slight side effects with CBD oil cannot be ruled out. It is because everybody adapts differently to the CBD oil. After the acclimatization phase, you can benefit from the positive effects.

Since the industrial CBD oil has not been around that long, there is no corresponding long-term study. However, no cases of severe side effects are known to date.

Are there alternatives to CBD oil?

There are no direct alternatives to CBD oil. However, there are different CBD oils with different percentages. The percentage only indicates how many milligrams of CBD there are in a certain amount of the carrier substance.

A higher percentage doesn’t mean it’s a better CBD oil. Everyone reacts differently to the amount of CBD. So, it is best to start with a small amount, such as 5%, and increase from there.

CBD oil storage

The shelf life of CBD oil can be influenced by storing the bottle in a cold and dark place. The refrigerator or dark pantry is best for this.

You must store the CBD oil in dark and cold. In general, you should have consumed the CBD oil one to three months after opening the bottle. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy too large quantities.

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