Why Wear a Bicycle Helmet? – Some Important Reasons


Every single one of us has been fascinated by the idea of doing something productive in our leisure time, either because of passion, fun or just to keep ourselves healthy. Cycling is a fun and cool sport to follow, a lot of people go on a hike by riding a bicycle through mountains and road for the thrill. Bicycle sport may look cool but you still need to protect yourself from grievous harm, to do that you need to put on a good Bicycle helmet. Apart from protection Bluetooth bike helmets make your ride fun through music and wireless communication.

Why is it important to wear a bicycle helmet?

We all know that riding a bicycle is more dangerous and susceptible to injuries and accidents than driving a car that’s why you are supposed to go prepared and use precautionary measures. Accidents without a helmet would result in death or fatal brain injury. According to research by “Insurance Institute for Highway Safety” more than 60% of deaths in accidents were because of the victims not wearing a helmet. And it can be reduced to up to 50% if you are wearing a helmet.

Another regional research shows that 10% of injuries leading to death because of not wearing a helmet.

Even for legal reasons, you are supposed to wear a helmet because, in a lot of cases, the insurance company would blame you for the accidents as you did not do anything initially to avoid it. In some countries where you are required to wear helmets, even the judge would rule in the favor of insurance company as you were careless by not opting to wear a helmet.

Consumer Product Safety Committee (CPSC) sticker inside a helmet is proof that the said helmet meets the voluntary safety standards. This label ensures that you are being provided with the best possible level of protection. “ANSI” “Snell” and “ASTM” stickers also meet the CPSC standards.

Using a old helmet, there’s nothing wrong with using an old helmet as long as it not to weary that it can’t protect you from a collision or a fall. Moreover, a helmet that has survived a crash shouldn’t be used by anyone as it may have a crack that you can’t see.

Reason to wear a helmet

  • Protect your head – The most dangerous injuries are the one to the head as it leads to death because of your fatal organ getting damaged way too much. Helmets protect your heads and decrease the chances of death and fatal injuries by 85-88%.
  • Follow the law – There are a lot of countries where you are legally required to wear a helmet. So, by wearing one you won’t get yourself in trouble and also would manage to protect yourself from any great harm.
  • Your capacity to look – Certain helmets increase your ability to look better at surrounding by blocking snow and preserving rain out of your eye sights. So, when the climate isn’t supportive a helmet can improve your cycling experience.
  • Assists you in bad weather – If you are riding your bicycle during rough weather, it can surely help you in keeping it dry or warm. Even in summer, it can assist you by keeping moisture out of your face.
  • Set an example – A lot of adults don’t wear a helmet because of the slight discomfort they feel, and it’s a fact that if you keep a helmet on for a longer period it might bring you a neck or headache. So, it’s also common for children to not wear one, so if you are setting an example by going with a helmet then your children would probably put one too. You can do it for the sake of keeping young children harm-free.
  • Protection for your face – Nowadays the helmet not only covers and protects just your head but it also shields your face. A study found that people who wore a helmet had a 31% percent less chance of having facial injuries. The most common and delicate feature is your eye and the helmet covers those for you. The facial injuries aren’t that fatal but they can prove to be quite expensive on your wallet and also a lot painful for you physically and mentally.
  • Hand-free communication- If you want answer phone call without taking your hand off from the bike handle then a Bluetooth helmet fulfills all your requirements.
  • Stylish – The helmet doesn’t need to be dull and odd-looking. You can show your great taste and style through your helmet, get a helmet that matches your Bicycle color.

According to research, almost 30000 children and adults are treated for fatal brain and facial injuries only because of bicycle-related accidents. Not only this, but these injuries make 85000 per year, which is almost as double as injuries caused during football games throughout the year.

Wear a bicycle helmet that is perfect and fits just about right.

  • Your helmet shouldn’t be uncomfortable when strapped on but also it shouldn’t be able to move freely towards any side, if it does then it means it loses and that helmet won’t protect your head correctly.
  • Your helmet should rest a bit low on the front (Forehead) and should sit perfectly on the head, as when it collides with something it doesn’t bang your head into the helmet first.
  • A perfectly fit helmet is where you can see the edges of the helmet when you try to look up.
  • The buckle chin strap should have a space of one finger that may allow your mouth to open but not fully open. You should feel the helmet forcing down your head when you open your jaws.

Bicycle helmets come in different sizes and shapes to meet the need of everyone and also has custom padding to optimize the fitting. The internal padding cover gaps between the scalp and the helmet interior helmet. For comfort, the pads should be placed evenly inside the helmet.

You can tighten your buckles to get a snug fit and always remember that a perfectly fitted helmet would never come off no matter how hard you turn or twist it.

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