Why you should give Swisher Sweets a puff


Generally, society is swarming with propaganda and misinformation about smoking. They make cigar appears no less dangerous than little nuclear bombs. Shocking health statistics make it seem like smoking one cigar stick is the equivalent of signing your death warrant!

This is not always true. For the responsible smoker, very few things measure up to the experience of that perfect puff. It is like renting your private apartment in heaven! Well, your smoking experience considerably depends on the type of cigar you smoke as well as the flavor.

Responsible smokers are helplessly in love with Swisher Sweets (Swishers) – and you can’t blame them. Celebrities in the tobacco community, Swishers have racked up a reputation for merry smoking.

For lovers of flavorful smokes, Swishers are your assurance of hitting that perfect spot. This cigar combines some delicious ingredients presented in such a variety of flavors to meet your diverse preference.

Among smokers, Swishers are massively adopted for their mellow flavors with engrossing succulence; being one of the finest machine-made cigars in the market.  Their mellow strength when married with those amazing Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler ensure that every smoke lands you in that “smoker’s nirvana”.

For how exciting and bursting the love of these cigars are, don’t fall for the mirage of thinking Swishers are some twenty-first-century cigar. No, Swishers are deeply rooted in the European smoking culture produced by a Swedish company with origin tracing far back to 1861. This makes Swishers uncontested patrons of the European smoking circles.

One thing that makes these cigars stand out is their versatility. There is always one flavor for every occasion, from mild flavors when you want a slight puff to concentrated flavors when you want to drown in the ecstasy, washing off stress.

More than the absorbing flavor and appealing aroma, Swishers are peculiar for their signature yummy taste. This really feels good on the tongue as well. These cigars range in length from 3 ⅞ to 5 inches. They also come with foil pouches to keep them fresher for longer.

Swisher Sweets are made from the finest selected tobacco blends. The infusion of multiple flavors in Swishers guarantee that every smoking persona of smokers is catered for from the cool mellow flavor lover to the harsh flavor type.

Typically, Swisher packs come in cartons containing from sixty to a hundred cigars in each pack. This way, they are very convenient and easy to carry about with you.

The most famous Swishers flavors include the peach flavor, strawberries, chocolate, normal, cherry, wine, blueberry, white grape amidst hordes of other flavors. The excitement is sufficiently shared across the greenhorn cigar smoker and the very experienced smoker.

If you fancy fruitier flavors (which are juicer), you can go with white grape Swisher flavors or the blueberry flavors.  On the other hand, if you want deeper flavors, there are the likes of the chocolate and white Swisher flavors for your titillation.

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