Why You Should Spend Spring Time in Lisbon

There are so many travel destinations during spring time, but one of the most underrated spots that you should definitely visit is Lisbon. As the capital and biggest city of Portugal, Lisbon is home to more than 500,000 people and is considered an “alpha-level global city” because of how important it is to the commerce, fashion, arts, entertainment, and tourism industry of Portugal.

Lisbon is also one of the oldest cities in the world, as it is believed to have been established in 1200 BCE. Despite being a relatively modern city today, Lisbon still retained their historical structures, like the different churches and buildings scattered in the city. Because of these structures, Lisbon is able to attract more than three million tourists each year.

While you can visit Lisbon anytime, many tourists that have been to the city would tell you that spring time is the perfect season for you to go to the different tourist spots in the city. Here are the reasons why you should spend spring time in Lisbon for corporate travels or for simple vacations.

There are Not a Lot of Tourists in Lisbon During Spring Time

Tram in Lisbon

One of the reasons why you should visit Lisbon during spring time is that there are usually not a lot of tourists in the city during that said season. While having crowds in tourist spots is fun for some people, it can get pretty hectic and tiring for those that just want to spend their vacation with a bit of peace and quiet. So, if you are one of those people that don’t like crowds, then you should visit Lisbon during the spring season, which starts in March and ends in June.

In addition to not having a lot of crowds, you also have more choices in what hotel rooms to book or apartments to rent, as you will have less competition when it comes to lodging. You can look for monthly rentals in Lisbon through Ukio so that you can see which apartments or properties are available for the spring season.

Finding monthly rentals for apartments in Lisbon is also beneficial for employees that need to work in the city to participate in mid-term projects for companies. Through monthly rentals, people will be able to customize how long they are going to pay for the apartment if they are just going to stay there for a few months.

If you are a remote professional or a digital nomad that likes to travel and is free to work in any city or country, you will find Lisbon to be relatively peaceful during the spring season. The peacefulness of the city can be advantageous if you want to focus on your work from time to time without being bothered by noise.

Less Chance of Raining

sunny day in Lisbon

During the spring season in Lisbon, there is less chance of rain compared to the fall and winter seasons. Of course, if you don’t really like rain, you can just go to Lisbon during the summer, but that is the season when there are a lot of tourists in the city. While rain enables some tourist spots to look more beautiful, there are more instances where rain is bothersome to tourists, as rain can just make the ground muddy and dirty, and it can also make people get illnesses like colds and fever.

But, if it rains in Lisbon, you can just visit some of the best indoor tourist destinations in the city, like the Doll Hospital, the Museum of Fado, and the National Coach Museum. To have a hassle-free time going to these places by walking or commuting, you should rent an apartment in Lisbon that is near those tourist spots so that you won’t have to spend a lot of effort, time, and money going from one spot to another.

Lisbon Has the Perfect Weather During Spring

Lisbon at night

Aside from having less chance of rain, the spring season in Lisbon also provides the perfect weather for tourists. During the summer season, Lisbon’s weather can be pretty hot, as the daytime temperature often goes above 35 °C. On the other hand, Lisbon is very cold during the winter season, although it doesn’t really snow there.

Spring time is the best season to visit Lisbon because the weather is not too hot and not too cold. During the daytime, the temperature in Lisbon can go only as high as 17 °C, while at night, the temperature goes to about 11 °C. So, if you are planning on walking around the city, the spring season would make your walk comfortable.

You Can Visit Many Tourist Spots with Ease

Cristo-Rei statue

When you combine all of the benefits we have discussed above, you can conclude that visiting different tourist spots or destinations in Lisbon during spring is much easier compared to other seasons. Because the weather is perfect in the spring season, you can walk wherever you want in Lisbon without worrying about getting sunburned or not bringing an umbrella, which is an item that you don’t really need since it rarely rains in Lisbon from March to June. The beautiful tourist spots in Lisbon during spring may also be helpful in building your portfolio if you are a photographer that is often hired as a freelancer for mid-term projects or for remote assignments.

As for the best places that you visit in Lisbon during spring time, here is a list of some areas that you should definitely go to while you’re in the city and in nearby areas:

  • Cristo-Rei – a monument and shrine that overlooks the city of Lisbon. This gigantic monument is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and is inspired by the “Christ the Redeemer” statue that was built in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Jardim da Graça – the largest park or green area in Lisbon that has a playground for children, an orchard, and a popular picnic area where families and groups or friends relax, talk to each other and eat delicious food.
  • National Coach Museum – this museum is located on the Afonso de Albuquerque Square and is home to an extravagant collection of historical carriages that were once used in Portugal and in other countries around the world.
  • National Museum of Ancient Art – another museum in Lisbon, although this one has more than 40,000 items that include ancient landscape paintings, sculptures, pieces of furniture, prints, and textiles.
  • Sintra – although this civil parish is located outside of Lisbon, it is still inside the Lisbon District, so it isn’t really far away. Most of the houses and buildings in Sintra are located on a cliffside, which makes the place absolutely stunning to look at and take photos of.

Lisbon is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you will surely appreciate its beauty more during the spring season when there are not a lot of tourists and the weather is perfect for walking or commuting from one area to another. Be sure to get a safe and comfortable apartment in Lisbon so that you will have a better time staying in the city for a few weeks or a month.