Window Installer Certification: What Does it Mean?


There is a wide range of advantages to installing new windows in your house, including better insulation, year-round comfort, and aesthetics. Replacement windows not only improve the outside of your house but also its inside, making it more pleasurable to go about your everyday life while taking pleasure in the home’s new look.

These advantages, however, are contingent on a good installation of your new windows. Numerous homeowners have told us horrific tales about how they engaged a “friend of a friend” or a window installation contractor without doing much investigation beforehand. If they had done their homework and verified the installers’ qualifications (or lack thereof) in advance, these homeowners might have saved themselves time, money, and aggravation throughout the home remodelling process.

Window Installer Certification

Although many certifications are reliable seals of approval, they typically only address the insulative qualities of new window installations (or doors). The AAMA Certification, on the other hand, is more interested in the window’s overall efficiency. For the most part, you can rest assured that a new type of replacement window is extremely durable, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient, and will offer maximum efficiency for many years to come, if only it passes all of the stringent AAMA exams and is accredited by the company to be sold to stores and house owners.

Further, the AAMA is in charge of regulating certifications and instructional programs for window installers nationwide. When a window installer has the AAMA certification, you know they have completed the necessary training to ensure your windows and doors are installed correctly. They have also shown their knowledge of, and ability to apply, industry best practices by passing a written examination.

A certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) should be a prerequisite for any window installer you consider hiring. Sadly, some homeowners care less about the quality of a contractor’s work and more about the price tag. While these are all very real concerns that should be taken into account before starting a window replacement job in your house, it is also vital to keep in mind that even the greatest windows in the world won’t function as they should if they aren’t installed correctly. If you want to rest easy knowing that your windows will be installed to industry standards, look for a window installer that has earned AAMA accreditation.

What to Look For When Considering Window Installers

Homeowners now have access to third-party criteria that may help them choose reputable, skilled, and trustworthy home renovation specialists. When searching for a window installer, it’s important to choose one that has the AAMA Certification. Given that the AAMA establishes the performance criteria that the whole window industry, from production to installation, is required to adhere to, this certification is essential for every window installer.

How to Become a Window Installer

While some window installers may opt to attend vocational school to hone their skills, this is not often a requirement for employment. Independent contractors and home improvement companies are two common employment options for those interested in becoming carpenters. Tasks may involve taking measurements, placing an order with a supplier, removing the old windows, cleaning and repairing the aperture, installing the new window securely, and checking for air and water leaks. You should think about becoming certified.

Commercial glass installers may get the Certified Glass Installer credential from the National Glass Association (NGA). To qualify, you need to have worked for at least six months, taken an online course, or purchased a study guide. Candidates are expected to demonstrate their competence by scoring well on an examination. Every three years, you’ll need to prove your expertise via either continuing education or a recertification test.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and InstallationMasters have developed a certification and training program for window installers that educates them on how to maximize the windows’ potential for saving energy. Students complete a test at the end of the 2-day program to get their InstallationMasters certification for installing windows in homes and businesses. After every four years, you must take a test to maintain your certification.

Acquire Relevant Work Experience

While a novice window installer may get a job doing basic tasks, those with greater expertise can move on to leading a team, managing a project, or even becoming contractors. Those window installers who are skilled at communicating with clients, have worked in the field for many years, own their own vehicle and equipment, and consistently provide high-quality work stand out from the competition and may be given additional responsibility.

You’ll need training and experience in the field to succeed as a window installer. Achieving certification is the next logical step.




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