Your Guide to Finding the Right Plumber


Broken pipes, badly-installed water lines, or a malfunctioning toilet are just a few of the many plumbing issues any adult inevitably comes across. And they can be as difficult to resolve as they are annoying to live with for the most part.

Not only that, but if they’re left alone for too long, they can result in even bigger problems for your home. That’s why dealing with any plumbing issues as soon as possible is essential. And there’s no better way to deal with them than to hire a good plumber.

The thing is, not all plumbers are the same.

From the unprofessional and rude to the unskilled and unqualified, the last thing you need is a plumber putting a new problem on your lap.

But worry not!

Here is your complete guide to finding the ring plumber for you.

Check Their Credentials

It is an absolute necessity to make sure any plumber you’re considering has the necessary credentials.

You don’t want an unqualified, or fake, plumber working on your home, possibly even putting you or your family in danger (can you imagine how dangerous a badly installed gas line can be?).

Most countries require plumbers to have a licence to be able to work. That’s the first thing you should check.

You can also ask or check how many years of experience they have and whether they’re associated with reputable trade associations.

Check Their Reviews & Testimonies

Reviews and testimonies are one of the most accurate ways to know a plumber’s reliability, so always search for the plumber or plumbing company’s reviews and testimonies, and stay away from those with lots of bad reviews or testimonies.

And don’t be constrained by online search either – ask friends and family if they know of the particular plumber or company since they may have some extra insight.

Observe Their Communication

The speech of your plumber can tell you loads of information. Here are a few questions you need to consider:

  • Are they quickly engaged at a sign of an emergency?
  • Are they hard to reach?
  • Do they sound uninterested or lazy?

Given how important a plumber can be in times of emergency, these questions can quickly give you an idea about how serious and fast-acting they are.

But that’s not all.

Communication is a cornerstone of service businesses.

And that is doubly true for plumbing since they are going to your home and can often spend many hours around you and your family, sometimes for days or weeks.

Having a friendly plumber and a good listener will make it much easier for you to tell them what the problem, issue, or goal you have with the job is, making it go much more smoothly and efficiently.

Also, who’d want to spend hours around a rude person? Or around someone making you or your family uncomfortable while they work?

So ask yourself some of these questions too:

  • Are they polite?
  • Are they reasonable?
  • Are they disrespectful?
  • Are they rude or sarcastic?

Being a good communicator will also make it much easier for you, the customer, to understand the specifics of what the plumber is doing or changing in your home.

Learn their Costs

No one wants to get an unexpected monster fee they can’t pay.

So, before you hire a plumber, make sure to learn as much as you can about their pricing.

  • Are they charging a flat rate for the job?
  • Is it an hourly rate? If so, how many hours should be expected for the job?
  • How much of the fee is for the labour (the cost of hiring a plumber)
  • Also, how much is it for any necessary products for the job?

But beware, when looking for the costs of plumbers, remember that cheaper is not always better.

The quality of the service, the time it takes, their ability to answer in an emergency, and more should all be considered when choosing the right plumber or plumbing company.

Hiring miraculously cheap services may result in problems down the line – The sink breaks again. The toilet doesn’t work properly. The gas line stops working – In the end, you’d end up paying additionally to have a functional home, not less.

The next time a plumbing emergency arises, hopefully, this information comes to mind as you search for a plumber. When you know what to look for in the right plumber, you can rest assured the one you choose will get the job done at a reasonable price.

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