10 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying Electric Food Steamers

Steaming your food has been proved to be far healthier than other methods of cooking. When vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, and rice are steamed, you will have all the nutrients locked in instead of getting lost during the cooking process. You have to first understand the different types of steamers to decide on the kind you want to buy before shopping. Electrical food steamers are a true advancement in cooking appliances that will help you to be healthier while providing an easy and convenient option for the right way of cooking your food. There are some considerations that you need to take into account when you are deciding to buy an electric steamer.

1. The Purpose

The health and fitness enthusiasts have started leaning towards healthier ways of eating their food for a reason. Eating natural whole foods has grown in popularity for people to be healthier and more mindful about the food they are consuming. Let’s not forget that these steamers don’t need the use of oils. This way of cooking doesn’t only retain the nutritional values in the food, but it also retains its color, smell, and flavor. Steaming is proved to be healthier and more cost-effective (since you don’t need to bother to buy cooking oils) way of cooking more than roasting, sautéing, or simmering in water.

2. Functionality

The benefits you get with electric steamers beat stovetop steamers. If you look into the Best Selling Electric Food Steamers, you will find that you can place different types of food separately to be cooked at the same time. They are stackable and have divided trays for that purpose. Stovetop steamers might be more handy or cheaper if you have a pot or a wok. But if you want a healthier and more convenient option for cooking, then, electric steamers are the way to go.

3. Safety

These steamers use electricity, which is relatively safer than other options. You won’t have to look out for it. Some steamers come with protection mechanisms to protect users in case something went wrong. It’s best if you get a model that offers extra protection features to be 100% sure of your safety.

4. The Price

Unlike what most people think, electric steamers don’t have to cause a dent in your bank account. You can find cheap steamers with minimal options with a price starting point of $10 to $15. Supermarket brand models offer a variety of options that you can choose between without neglecting your budget. The value for money you get is definitely worth the few bucks you will spend on your health.

5. Different Sizes

Before considering buying a new steamer, you have to evaluate the amount of food you prepare on a daily basis. You will also have to take into account the occasional banquet and family gatherings; if you tend to throw a lot of parties, you will need bigger sizes. Some steamers have different container sizes that fit inside depending on the number of people you are cooking the meal for. Since you can’t change the containers during cooking, make sure you plan in advance the amount of food you are cooking and which container will be best to fit that amount.

6. Timers

There are dial timers and digital timers to choose between. Steamers with advanced digital timers are usually more expensive than normal steamers. Most electric steamers have dial timers with 60 minutes that you can turn to set the right cooking time for the meal you are preparing. A more advanced option you can find is delay-start functions where you can pre-set the time you want the steamer to start cooking your meal without your interference. This definitely suits busy people who want to get back to a home-cooked meal without bothering with cooking after their long days at work.

7. Water Levels

It’s better to choose a steamer with an outside visible water gauge that you can easily control and make sure it’s filled completely. A must-have safety option is an alarm or the beep that some steamers have when they don’t have enough water to alarm you that you need to add more before it runs out. You will also need to make sure that your steamer has an external inlet to add water while cooking instead of having to remove the steamers just to add water.

8. Cleaning

Cleaning, cooking appliances can be tricky and there is no reason to make an exception for steamers. One of your top priorities should be the easiest of cleaning the steamer. Go for the models that offer compartments and lids that can easily be fitted and washed in a dishwasher.  It’s always a plus to have a removable drip tray to be able to easily remove it and clean it without any effort.

9. Important Features

There is a keep-warm feature in most steamers to keep your food warm even after cooking. You will find models that can keep your food warm for an hour or two after cooking. The feature, however, needs to be set during the cooking after making sure of the right water level. Top up the water level if you need to because the feature will not work if the steamer doesn’t have enough water.

10. Eating well-cooked Rice

Regardless of how well you know how to cook, most people have struggled with cooking rice. You may find awesome tips on how to successfully prepare rice, but these tips will not beat steamers. Some electric steamers have a specific bowl to place the rice in. The results of 20 to 40 minutes of steaming the rice are far more impressive than any tips and tricks you might have tried to properly cook rice.

It’s important to have the right cooking appliances that will make your life easier and healthier. If you have the money and enough space to store an electric steamer, then it’s a no brainer to buy. The mentioned considerations are extremely important to be able to choose the right steamer for your cooking needs. Take your time to consider all your needs and to do your research before you decide on the right model for you.