10 Useful Tips for Buying LED Tube Lights

Nowadays Led tubes lights are becoming the most known lighting option in the market, they are replaced by the traditional tubes lights, due to its good composition they can be used outside and inside, this innovation has made tube lights valuable for houses and offices,

ten tips when it comes to buying LED lights. I’m going to start by saying I’m not going to be talking about specific models of LED tubes in this article, in this article I’m going to write about some things to consider when looking at LED tubes in general because there are several different factors to consider.

1. Budget to buy led tube lights

So, no. one is your budget now. These lights are getting better and more affordable, you have two choices, like buying a larger expensive LED tube light or buying several small tube lights with the same money. T8 tube bulbs are best ones, T means tubular, it defines the size of the bulb for instance T8 T5 AND T12.

2. Use of led tube lights

Secondly, the important thing to consider is the use of the LED tubes lights, how you plan on using these tube lights if you are scratching from start need a factor in several different lighting setups and you know get a couple of lights so might be better off getting some smaller more efficient ones than one or two large ones.

3. Output or luminance of led tube lights

The next thing you want to consider is output or luminance and this is usually measured in LUX or LM or something like that but you want to pay attention to those numbers and usually, they are measured at a certain distance don’t be get fooled by no of Tube lights that would be a bad way to go about it. you want to look into the luminance level of each light again I repeat don’t be fooled by the number of LEDs that can sometimes mean nothing.

4. Color rendering index (CRI)

Color rendering index or CRI of the lights you are going to be purchasing the higher the number the better, the sun has CRI of 100 that CRI rating is essential how accurate tube light reproduces color, eventually, 95 to 98 is as good as you are going to get I probably wouldn’t dip below 85 if you’re budget is very low so can think of the LED tube lights with CRI below 85, to buy CRI 95 plus you can visit T8 tube bulbs.

5. color temperature

  • daylight
  • tungsten

Which is warmer 32 to 33 kelvin.

  • bicolor

Lights that can produce both of these temperature colors by using two separate lights or mixing both of them bicolor tube lights work at least the more affordable ones.

6. Dimmable LEDs tube lights over non-dimmable LEDs

Perfect amount of light in the required areas is very essential and provideS an appropriate atmosphere, traditionally no dimmers were used to limit the amount of electricity for regulating the brightness of the light in the room.

7. warranty

LED tube lights with a warranty of two to three years should be preferred, you always have a chance to replace them or get repaired if they stop working properly, so they always have an edge over the non-warranty tube lights.

8. Maintenance of the Led tube lights

maintenance is a thing you always keep in mind while buying the tube lights T8-LED tube lights the ones those require least maintenance, you can find best T8 tube lights T8 tube bulbs, contrarily other tube lights need maintenance and which also cost you money.

9. The lifespan of LED tube lights and its longevity

The lifespan of Tube lights adding knowledge life of Tube lights are in direct proportion to its usage, so you need to find the expected life of Tube lights to decide that it fulfills your needs/requirements.

10. Design of LED tube lights

Not but not least you need to keep in mind the design of the LED tube lights that match your place where you want to install them! The combination always matters a lot with no doubt.


Previously gas tubes lights were used but now homes and business are moving on LED tube lights as they even don’t break if hit down by something, led tube lights are more reliable, last long, Dimmable and compatible with new coming switches so you need to keep in mind the above ten useful points when buying LED tube lights. so if you are looking for the best-Led tubes lights for your office, home, or any other place, take an eye on the collection of best tubes lights.