11 best sci-fi Netflix series streaming right now


Science fiction is all about getting a peek of what life might be like in the future. And who doesn’t enjoy taking a break from reality now and then? Even if it isn’t something you want to do all of the time, there are some fantastic sci-fi shows out there that you shouldn’t miss. It is sometimes entertaining to present a dark, twisted view of the world, as we know it. If you are a Netflix subscriber looking for a taste of the genre, here is a selection of some of the best sci-fi shows of all time. 

If you prefer not to use streaming applications and like to watch movies and shows on TV, you can check out the movie channels included in your cable package to see where you can view sci-fi series. If you are a subscriber of a provider like Cox, the availability of hundreds of channels will undoubtedly provide you with various possibilities. With Cox bundles, you can get more than 140 channels of unlimited entertainment. 

To make things easier for you, check your provider’s website for a comprehensive lineup and channel numbers. Now let’s look at the list of shows we mentioned before and see what you may start viewing this weekend to satisfy your sci-fi fix.

1. Dark

When a little child goes missing in a tiny German town, his family and the locals begin to discover some unusual patterns and coincidences in the town’s past. 

While this program has some fantastic performances and a well-written plot, it demands a lot of concentration to keep up with everything because there are so many characters and settings to keep track of. The fact that it was written in German adds to the challenge, but it is well worth the effort.

2. Sweet Tooth

Children are born as hybrids, midway between human and animal, in the middle of an apocalyptic outbreak. Sweet Tooth/Gus, a young boy, is the focus of the show, which depicts humankind’s bigotry and cruelty as one of history’s most incredible occurrences unfolds. 

Apart from being a wonderful and innovative concept based on the DC Comic series, the performances and pace of events are what distinguish this show.

3. Jupiter’s Legacy

According to the DC comic, a family is endowed with superpowers that allow them to live longer than normal, as well as enormous strength and other abilities. Their progeny are now responsible for continuing on the family legacy and waging the good fight nearly a century later.

This sci-fi/fantasy drama is inventive and unique, merging well-known themes and introducing new characters to the screen.

4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror will thrill, fascinate, and possibly scare you with its strange mix of sci-fi themes and terrifyingly not-so-distant-future technology. Because each episode is unique, you may watch them in any sequence and still enjoy a thrilling short film with guest stars and creepy notions. 

Even though this show has been around for a while, it continues to test your comfort level with new and cutting-edge technology that you may have seen glimpses of in pop culture, usually highlighting its potentially obscene side.

5. The 100

Humanity is still alive and well aboard an orbiting space station nearly a century after the Earth was destroyed by nuclear war. When the space station starts to malfunction, a team of 100 teenagers is dispatched to the planet to see if it is habitable. 

It is a mix of Lord of the Flies and teen drama, but it is worth seeing because of its original concept and engaging characters.

6. Stranger Things

This acclaimed science fiction series, set in the 1980s, is set in a little town in the middle of nowhere where strange things begin to happen. When a high school student goes missing, the town’s citizens become concerned, and there is no sign of her reappearance. In the meantime, a strange young girl becomes the focus of the town. 

She is guarded and hidden by a gang of young and nerdy males. They eventually discover that she possesses extraordinary abilities and that they must locate and combat an evil force that has been lurking in their town.

7. The Innocents

Based on grandiose ideals paired with already dramatic high-stakes love situations, sci-fi and teen television are a wonderful match. The Innocents, one of Netflix’s entries in this category, follows Harry and June, two teens who try to sprint away from their families in the pursuit of being together. 

They discover June’s amazing power to form shift while on the road. Suddenly, a scientist who seems suspiciously interested in uncovering the truth behind June’s powers foils their foolish plan to live out their love fantasies.

8. The Magicians

Most fantasy lovers fantasize about being swept away to some sort of magical academy, where they will discover that they have particular abilities and will be destined to hone them in a fanciful world they never knew existed. When a young man named Quentin enrolls in the mysterious Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, an institution for magicians, in Sci-Fi’s program 

The Magicians, another of these universes becomes a reality. The series, which is based on the same-named Lev Grossman novel, takes place in an imaginary universe and recounts all of the violent conflicts that exist within it.

9. Nightflyers

Fans of Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin are certainly familiar with his sci-fi book Nightflyers, which follows a space crew as they reach the edge of the solar system and encounter something very horrible. 

The narrative has previously been adapted to film in 1987, but SyFy went all out for this rendition, turning the titular Nightflyer ship’s gloomy, magnificent surroundings into its horrific realm. The perplexing series proves to be highly binge-able even as you are witnessing a mission essentially meet a horrific fate, as things get quite strange nearly as soon as you are aboard.

10. Osmosis

Osmosis is a complex, high-concept French sci-fi series that seems like a Black Mirror episode extended into a full season of TV. The story follows Paul and Esther Vanhove, who own a software firm that claims to have developed a device that can discover everyone’s one true soulmate.

Of course, there is the possibility that this is correct. Things start to go awry, relationships fall apart, and an artificially intelligent computer becomes dangerously sentient during beta testing of the “implant.”

11. Outlander

Outlander is the perfect answer to your craving for a light sci-fi series that is both hot and heavy. The long-running, critically acclaimed drama is based on Diana Bagaldon’s book series and tells the story of Claire, a WWII nurse who is inexplicably transported back in time to 1743 Scotland and meets a gorgeous Highland rebel named Jamie. 

Although it lacks the dazzling effects and grandiose concepts that many other sci-fi shows strive for, Ronald D. Moore’s time-travel show has been lauded for its great grasp of the feminine gaze, which can be seen in numerous personal situations, as well as its sophisticated representation of history. 

As Clair and Jamie’s relationship is swept up in the time-space continuum, it is pure escapism, but Outlander manages to make it far more human than an indulgent romance novel adapted for television.

Wrapping up

There you have it: a list of some of Netflix’s best-rated science fiction shows. As the pandemic persists and we remain at home, now is the time to add sci-fi shows to your bucket list and watch this one whenever you get the opportunity.

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