5 High-in-Demand Plumbing Technologies


Every plumber that understands new products and technologies will go far in business. Knowing what’s in demand can help them prepare and offer the new product to their clients.

But which plumbing products are in high demand?  

The data collected from plumbing-related Google searches tells a lot about the most popular and wanted plumbing technologies. So, take a look at what people are, according to Google, most interested in when it comes to plumbing.

Popular Plumbing Technology #1: TANKLESS WATER HEATER

Why a tankless water heater is so popular is a no-brainer. New generations have declared war on every bit of old technology and are trying to find a way to spend less money on utilities while wasting less energy. It’s all about saving natural resources these days, so eco-friendly tankless water heaters take first place in the competition for plumbing technology of the year.  

A tankless water heater (as the name says, does not have a tank) has over 20,000 searches per month. This plumbing innovation works by heating the water as it flows through the water heater instead of warming and re-warming a large volume of water inside the tank. 

This also means that people can enjoy endless war showers but also spend less energy when they are taking a short shower.  Be sure to contact heating companies for help or also check out Water Heaters Reviews.

And because tankless water heaters come in so many options, the best way to ensure you got the right one is to ask your plumber or any other plumbing contractor offering tankless water heater installation

Popular Plumbing Technology #2: HOT WATER RECIRCULATION

The idea behind hot water recirculation is like the one behind a tankless water heater. The only difference is that the HW recirculation system is designed to keep the water in the pipes constantly flowing through the pipes.

 So, the next time you turn the hot water on, there’s no waiting for a few seconds as the warm water travels through the pipes and cold water flows down the drain. The minute you turn on hot water-hot water appears.

With over 44,000 searches per month, this system has caught the eye of many simply because those few seconds of waiting for hot water result in wasting a considerable amount of water (and money) down the drain.  Be sure to call a plumber for water heater replacement.

Popular Plumbing Technology #3: SMART IRRIGATION

Accessibility and connectivity are the words of the decade, and the same goes for the plumbing industry and innovations. And wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could tap on our phone and turn our sprinklers on and off, wherever we are? 

Now, thanks to the smart irrigation system, we can do just that. The whole system can be controlled digitally from your home and mobile device.

The best part- is the whole system can be sync-ed with the National Weather Service, rescheduling lawn watering if it’s going to rain soon. Amazing, right? You can also control and keep track of how much water you’re using each month and how it reflects on your water bills. It’s no wonder that smart irrigation systems have been searched around 44,000 times per month.

Popular Plumbing Technology #4: LEAK DETECTION

Leak detection systems, searched over 36,000 per month, are designed to do two things- protect your property from damages caused by broken pipes and protect your wallet from expenses one small leak may cause. 

And just like smoke detectors have become standard in every U.S. home, leak detectors are slowly becoming a permanent fixture of every American household with services.

The reason why a leak detection system is so popular is logical- people are afraid of the damage one flood can do to their home if one of the pipes break. The other reason- just like people are suspicious of fine print, they are also wary of hidden expenses. 

They know one leak can turn into hundreds of dollars per month on water bills just by constantly dripping somewhere in the system. The leak detection system is how plumbing engineers solved those two problems. 

Popular Plumbing Technology #5: Touchless Faucet

The trend that led to over 30,000 Google searches per month is less of a trend but more like a disaster- Covid 19 had everyone looking at touchless faucets. 

The general rule is- the largest number of viruses and bacteria can be found in one’s bathroom, not to mention public toilets. 

But if we can decrease the number of viruses, bacteria, and germs we spread by touch, that would surely lead to better sanitary conditions everywhere. 

Furthermore, there’s been an increase in Google searches related to touchless kitchen faucets, meaning they proved to be highly efficient in the kitchen to the point they are becoming a priority.

With a touchless faucet, you don’t have to turn the handle or pull the lever up or down- you just need to place your hand below the faucet and let the built-in sensor do its thing. 

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