4 Advanced Tips to Win Fights In Apex Legends


If you are a fan of games like battle-royale style, then Apex legends is the game just what you need to play. Apex Legend is a challenging game and its popularity has quickly built a huge player base resulting in making Apex Legend a competitive game too. If you are new to Apex Legend then it can be a wild ride and quite a difficult game to win on your own. So, there are cheats and hacks available online to help you get over your fears and weaknesses of the game and change your gameplay to be a winner of Apex Legend. Go to the link: https://lavicheats.com/apex-legends-hacks-cheats-2021/ where you can find a wide range of Apex Legend hacks and cheats to change your game for the better.

Here some useful tips are given for the players to increase the win rate and performance in this game:

Try out all the characters and abilities

The popularity of the Apex Legend game is due to the variety of characters it offers to the players. Every character has its own uniqueness, with different types of skills it offers such as ultimate,  tactical and passive abilities. All these skills equip the players to face difficult situations and serve specific purposes. If you are new to the game, you must try out every character to find out which character suits you the best, not every character is suitable for your game style.

Try to use all the abilities of every character to the best possible lengths, regardless which character you choose later. When you develop the understanding of the abilities of the characters, it will help you and your team a winning edge in the game. For instance, to recover health of the character, you can use the healing drones when playing as a Lifeline.

Choose weapons wisely

Just like any other royale style games, Apex Legend also allows you to pick weapons and items of your choice. You can carry a few items with you on the go, therefore you need to choose the weapons wisely. As your level in the game increases, you can get to choose or swap for better weapons eventually, with the weapons you are comfortable with. Choosing and carrying weapons from different categories also helps to reduce the risk of running short of ammos in the game.

Be coordinated and communicative with your squad

If you are eager to win the game, one of the winning tips is to be well communicative with your team members. Apex Legend is a fast paced action game where the players have to keep track of everything scattered all around in a large map. The pro players always use voice chats to stay connected and to coordinate with their squad in a challenging situation.

You can get valuable information about enemy locations from the hacks and cheats available on levicheats.

Improve your navigation skills

You just do not need fighting skills to win in Apex Legends. The other most crucial skill needed is your navigation skills in the game. To navigate expertly across the map gives you a tactical advantage. You can increase your movement speed by holstering your weapon, this also gives the ability to jump off cliffs without losing your health.


  • Focus on teamwork play
  • You need to be aggressive
  • Make smart moves
  • Avoid playing solo into fights, stick close to your squad
  • Revive your dead teammate, or take his banner to a respawn point



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