4 Pro Tips to Travel Like a True Jetsetter


Jet-setters are known to be wealthy, fashionable voyagers, traveling around the world on their private jetliners, visiting exotic places, and going to parties for their pleasure. This time, we’ll be jetsetting to Amsterdam! 

Well, most of us do not have a private jet, but a limited budget, and we have to plan our trips in advance. Yet, traveling in style could be the only common feature we share with the wealthy. You can still look great at an airport or on a train by wearing loose-fitting clothes made out of breathable fabric, rather than sweatpants and jammies. Read on to find out about the four pro tips we have gathered to travel like a true jet-setter on your Amsterdam trip.

1. Light and Organized Luggage

You might not believe it, but investing in a good, branded luggage will make you look great, and facilitate your traveling experience. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for designer bags, you can still find top brands for affordable prices right here, and get the most out of your long trips. No matter what your style choice may be, hard-side luggage is a must; it is safer and will maintain its proper shape even if it got wet.  It is super light, so you will have more weight to spare. Choose one with spinner wheels; it will roll quickly on any surface, leaving you looking nice while carrying it around, and not pushing it with all your body and tripping over it.  A hardcover suitcase is especially important if your next winter destination is going to be in Amsterdam, for example. Imagine the amount of rain that would be pouring and could possibly ruin your luggage if it were a soft case cover. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes with a suitcase, you definitely should.

 Commit to packing your bag as meticulously and lightly as possible. Start three days in advance, try and prepare all the outfits you will be taking with you, including accessories. A nice tip is to pack basics in neutral colors and use accessories and scarves to complete your look. And if you ever feel you’ve run out of outfits, you’ll have an excuse to shop, especially if the shopping in your destination is anything as good as the shopping in Amsterdam.

2. Lounges and Lines

One stressful part of air travel is the long security checks, yet nothing says jet-setter like skipping all those lines. There are companies that provide their members with exclusive entrance for an annual fee. This would make sense for frequent travelers, and aren’t jet-setters frequent travelers, too? With an airport as big and crowded as Amsterdam Schiphol, you’ll be breezing through all the technicalities in no time, just like a true jet-setter. No lines, no worries and a whole lot of confidence and attitude is how it should be. 

After skipping the lines and waiting for your boarding gate to open, you can relax at the nearest lounge. A lounge day passes investment of 30-40 dollars will grant you some hours living the good life. It will offer you some peace of mind, comfortable chairs, complimentary drinks, and snacks. While Amsterdam Schiphol Airport already has a lot to offer in terms of food and shopping and can guarantee that you’ll have a good time, the lounges will allow you to not only mingle with the right crowd, but even take a shower if you’re in between flights to keep up appearances. You’ll be refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the adventure like a true jetsetter. 

3. Arrive Well-Rested

Especially during those long flights, drink plenty of water and moisturize your face and body as the cabin air can dehydrate your skin. Pack facial spray to keep you refreshed, as well as lipsticks, facial wipes, toothpaste and deodorant. Before you land, don’t forget to freshen up.

4. Hire a Driver

This is one of those little things that will make you feel like a jet-setter. Finding a driver waiting for you with your name on the sign is worth every penny. If you are willing to pay for a taxi to or from the airport, then hiring a driver wouldn’t cost that much more, anyway, especially if the airport isn’t that far away. In Amsterdam, you’ll find that the airport is only 22 km away from the city center, which would take roughly 20 mins by car. While the city can be quite expensive, you’ll find private transfers with a welcome sign and everything starting as cheap as 15 Euros if you book in advance. 

Traveling like a jet-setter is all about your attitude. Always feel confident and calm with a sense of adventure, just like the sole of the city of Amsterdam. Stay away from being worried, insecure, or angry at a flight attendant or a fellow traveler, because all these previous preparations will have no value if you find yourself in any of those situations. And just remember, if being in Amsterdam will teach you anything, it’s that the more chill you are, the more fun you’ll have.

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