4 Travel Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like James Bond!

James Bond films are exceptional since they feature small and ultra-light gadgets which made his missions successful. These gadgets were thought to belong to spies and other special security units, but nowadays, you can find some of them in the market. You don’t have to be a spy to acquire such relatively minimal pieces of equipment. You can acquire some of these gadgets and use them while hiking, traveling, or visiting an area where some gadgets are not allowed. The following travel gadgets will make you travel in a true Bond style!

1. Micro Camera

A standard camera is visible from a distance and you can’t use it to take snapshots in a restricted area. To be less conspicuous, acquire the world’s smallest camera and take photos without anyone noticing. This gadget is cool and easy to handle. In fact, it autofocuses and you just operate it using one button. You can use it to take a video of a government building, office, neighborhood, sacred site, or a cool attraction where filming is not allowed.

2. Video swim mask

This is a unique swim mask since it has a tiny camera which allows you to take a video or photo while swimming. This gadget can be handy if you want to film fish, ship wreckages, corals and other underwater features. Possessing such a gadget is advantageous since you can carry out your underwater activities hands-free. This means that you don’t have to touch it to focus your targets or press a button to film.

Ultra-portable Hammock

3. GPS Tracker

In real life situation, agents use a tiny GPS Tracker to stalk their targets. However, you don’t have to use it to do creepy stalking since you might find yourself in trouble if caught. You can get one and attach it to your luggage, pet, laptop or other valuable items. If the item goes missing, you can easily use the tracker to find it provided the device is not detached.

The cool thing about the tracker is that it allows you to mark virtual “geofences” which indicate boundaries where your item is not supposed to cross. But if it happens, it triggers an in-built automatic alert system which immediately notifies you via text message or email.

A GPS Tracker will make your travel bag easier to find if it gets lost, but what if the individual opens it and takes your valuables before you find its location? It is advisable to keep your credit card, visa, and other important documents in your pocket or another location. Nowadays, you can find travel pants with hidden pockets. These pants will make it difficult for pickpockets to steal from you. Some of the advantages of wearing such pants are highlighted at https://www.menstopspot.com/mens-travel-pants-hidden-pockets/ and other sites that deal with ways to combat petty crimes. Hidden pockets are effective in keeping your valuables safe without compromising your style.

4. Ultra-portable Hammock

When you travel, you’ll definitely need a comfortable place to relax or sleep at some point. Your destination could be a park or a remote area where hotels are not available. If you have a Hammock, you can hang it between two trees or poles and relax. An Ultra-portable Hammock is weather-resistant, lightweight and occupies less space in your backpack. You might need one if you like sleeping in parks or balcony of apartments, camping in the wilderness, hunting or other outdoor activities.

Small travel gadgets will give you the confidence to carry out some activities without being noticed. These items could be life-saving when traveling, especially if you are visiting an area with many restrictions. Some of the accessories that you might acquire to feel like Bond include a small camera, a travel bar, and a video swim mask.