5 Beans Brands For The Best Espresso


Since espresso is a complex drink, you have to choose excellent coffee beans as it affects the coffee flavor to an intense level. However, with a myriad of selection in the market right now, you’re probably one of those who get confused and think choosing coffee beans is a challenge unless you know what and where to look.

What Coffee Beans Makes The Best Espresso

When it comes to espresso, not all beans are the same. Some will stand out while others are better off with regular brewing. The beans’ grind size, pressure, and brewing temperature make a great tasting espresso.

The same types of coffee beans are used for regular coffee and espresso. However, espresso coffee beans are roasted longer at high temperatures compared to other grains. Espresso coffee beans are versatile as they allow you to create various coffee through different brewing processes with them.

Since espresso beans undergo a specific selection process to provide a unique and distinct taste profile, it may contain seeds from various types, origin, or a variety of roast levels.

5 Excellent Beans Brand For Espresso

Espresso is about taste. Coffee aficionados select either a dark roast or a medium roast bean. However, most coffee connoisseurs prefer the best espresso beans in the world, which are carefully chosen to provide the right taste. So how do you define ‘best’ with tons of bean brands right now?

Simple, you follow the trail, and we’ll show which beans are a must-have to satisfy your espresso cravings.

  • Lavazza Espresso Italiano Coffee Blend

When it comes to espresso beans that offer an amazing flavor and aroma, this brand stands out. It’s affordable but with high-quality beans, which allows you to create fancy espresso and espresso-based drinks. It’s a medium roast, and Lavazza is a crowd-favorite in Italy and across the globe.

  • Kicking Horse Coffee, Cliff Hanger Espresso

Kicking Horse Coffee is an established brand of espresso beans trusted and loved for almost 20 years. Medium-roast, no-burnt-aftertaste, slightly oily, this espresso bean comes from a variety of origins. It provides an intensively unique flavor and aroma suitable for every espresso lover.

  • Lifeboost Coffee¬†

It’s a full-body coffee bean flavor that comes with great taste wrapped in adorable packaging. Guaranteed organic, no mycotoxins, GMOs, chemicals, or pesticides used when crafting these espresso beans. This single-origin coffee bean is a must-try for every coffee aficionados.

  • West End Coffee Roasters, Signature Espresso

When it comes to a special blend of espresso beans, this brand excludes a chocolatey and sweet aroma, with a touch of citrus notes, soft-body, smooth, floral, and a caramel finish. Its versatility allows you to brew it with any brewing method or device you have. It is made with pure Arabica coffee from South and Central America.

  • Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Savoring the nice flavor and aroma shouldn’t break the bank. Starbucks Espresso Dark is an excellent choice without compromising the perfect espresso taste at an affordable price. It’s best for espresso and any espresso-based specialty drinks you may want to explore today with a strong flavor, almost rugged body, and caramel undertone.

Factors That Affects Espresso’s Taste Profile

Espresso’s main character is taste. It’s one of those highly concentrated drinks that stands out among the crowd of coffee worldwide. Since its core feature is taste/flavor, anything that influenced this is vital.

  • Roast Date – The best time to use roasted beans is approximately two weeks after the process. It allows the flavor to rest and produce the best feeling you deserve.
  • Varieties – Top-rated espresso beans are made with premium Arabica beans. The fundamental rule of creating an excellent espresso blend is your beans must have that full-body, muffled acidity, and the right balance of sweetness and sharpness on your cup.
  • Roasting – There are no specific espresso roast beans. Espresso is better with blends from a variety of roasting degrees. The bean color varies from black and oily, milk, or dark chocolate that’s slightly oily appearance.
  • Origin – The taste of beans is influenced by the environment and characteristics of area origin. The coffee tastes vary by terrain, humidity, soil, temperature, altitude, water bodies, and more.


The bottom line is that your espresso’s taste varies from the beans you have selected and the brewing procedure. Finding the best coffee grounds from a reputable manufacturer is vital as they understand what an espresso coffee bean quality should be like.

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