5 Best Ways Of Being Famous On Social Media


‘Popularity’ is the buzzword in this game and I’m not just blabbering about making money on web but about selling in general. Large number of individuals wants to become popular on the Internet. Now there is everything and everybody wants to sell. Money is made in a distinct method – at first you become famous, then you begin to sell, and not vice versa as maximum people do and fail. Seldom do we get the viral social media response we’re dreaming for, and there’s umpteen numbers of divergent opinions out there for how to accomplish that goal. Maybe you wish to become famous on social media to make money, or maybe you merely wish to share your art and ideas with others. Never fear! We’ve done the research for you. If you’ve determined to take your Internet stardom into your own hands, just follow the steps below and your name will be recognised around the web before you know it.  Let’s get started!


Build your brand. Make them differentiate you from others. Stand out of the crowd. Frame your own identity. Stay updated with the trend. No one is interested in the old trend. Keep an eye out on social media handles! To make yourself famous overnight, and drive traffic for Instagram or Facebook handles, which are ruling the Internet now, here’s a shortcut for you guys! There are plenty of sites out there in the market where you can pay for ‘likes’. Which means you can just buy them. They will rise dozens of likes on your page at low cost. No matter which industry you belong to, believe, that it will do wonders! You can give this a try!


Select something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. Then you can create a blog or start putting-up videos online to educate and inform other people. Another technique to stay motivated is by emulating somebody that you look up to. If you are not following any internet celebs, begin searching for them online to get a clearer idea of what you ought to do to in order to gain popularity. You can also follow people who have corresponding content to you.  Then there are communities which are made up of all sorts of people who share similar interests and frequently share ideas and thoughts with one another. Do your research on the community you wish to get into.  Studying other content creators or famous people will render you a proper understanding of the competition as well as the potential fan base that you’ll have. Post for the correct audience. Find your target group. Don’t try to entice someone by sharing something out of context. 

 If there are certain stuff that your fans are always asking you to do, consider pleasing them. Now that you’ve completed your research, you can narrow down all your decisions. Think of your goals and understand if they are realistic. Note down all of the things that you’d consider doing and measure the positives and the negatives. Once you’re done, start framing a strategy.


It’s time to pick your Platform! Prior to gaining fame, you have to dig out what you wish to be recognized for and select your platform in accordance. You can certainly use several social media platforms, but pick one to begin with. Once you feel you can smoothly deal with the platform and are systematically posting fresh content, embrace an additional platform. Don’t forget to ‘Cross promote’ on your various platforms. Let Google know of your presence. Let everyone feel your presence everywhere. Remember to stay consistent across all platforms. As you start your journey to social media fame, ascertain how frequent you plan on posting. Just as your viewers are expecting a pattern of content, they’re also expecting a schedule. Consistency is the largest driver of growth.

Try to get the same username across your social media platforms so that people don’t get puzzled. You also ought to stay consistent on what you deliver and the kind of individual you are. Stay genuine. If you say something but do the opposite, deliberately divert from your word, or behave hypocritical, the internet may turn on you and possibly you will lose fans. So, be true to yourself!


‘CONTENT IS KING!’ So, quality posts are a must! Try to originate the highest quality content you probably can. Create videos or podcasts to elucidate something lengthy.  This renders you a slightly more space to get into specifics and could be a wonderful resource for audience to find out something new. Engage with your fans and the community. Remember that, it’s the age of micro interaction. People have more work and less time for those lengthy posts you post on social media. Crop the text. Be more enticing. Speak more with lesser words or just with the images. Even if it’s something small just like a selfie outdoor, your favourite coffee shop or a quote from a book you’re reading! Doing this on a systematic basis will convey your fans that you’re active and will provide them a reason to keep viewing your page.


Winning a following of fans who admire your work is challenging. What majority of people don’t realize is that being a popular online star takes as much time as a full-time job for so many people. If you are generating or constructing extraordinary content, you may not witness prize for all the hard labour you’re delivering at your initial stage. So, stay calm and be patient!  Always keep an eye on your viewer and subscriber count. It’s crucial to continue to remain consistent and to take suggestions and criticism from those around you. In order to stand apart from other Internet personalities, it’s essential for you to have something exceptional and marketable. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! – This should be your motto!


Deep inside, majority of us desire to be renowned. As you widen your social network in reality of life, you’ll build your network on social media too. Whereas, many of us experience our lives in anonymity, as a celebrated personage you can have an influence on the world, leave a significant lineage behind, and have your name memorialized for ages. Your viewers will always help you upgrade, they can introduce you to their viewers, and they can connect you with other creators they know. But rather than waiting for your one-in-a-million chance of going viral unexpectedly, it’s better to kick off on the right foot to begin with. Last, but not the least, commit to your new endeavour—it may take a little while to become famous, but you can do it! Best wishes!

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