5 Cheeky and Cheesy Gifts You Can Give Your Adult Friends

Everyone probably loves gifts. But a cheeky gift can make your work colleague, friend, or partner chuckle. Giving gifts has become a tradition in most people’s homes. They’re given during birthdays, Christmas, and other important events. However, cheeky gifts stand out more than the rest because they make the recipients laugh.

With so many gift ideas on the internet, finding the perfect cheeky gift for your adult friend can be difficult. This article highlights some of the never-fail novelty gifts that are on the internet.

1. Gentleman’s Grooming Kit

This can be a perfect gift for boyfriends and husbands who require some encouragement to keep themselves clean. They’re specially meant for grooming the nether regions.

They come with a sprucing mirror, styling scissors, and a fluffing brush. They also have other luxury items that can keep a man’s lower part in order. They’re best for men who value their appearance.

2. Funny Drinking Glass

This glass will surely put a smile on your adult friend’s face. It has two ends: one for drinking wine and the other for drinking tea or coffee. It’s best for friends who can survive without taking wine or coffee. However, you may want to warn your friend not to be too indulgent because that’s what this glass will make them become. You can find it in most online shops like Amazon and e-Bay.

3. Funny Drinking Mugs

Funny drinking mugs can be a great and hilarious gift for both lazy and hardworking adults. Most of them have writings on them that either ridicule or encourage a person to work. One popular one is the ‘another eight hours of pretending to work mug.’

4. License To Grill Aprons

This apron is considered a cheeky one because it’s cheesy. It’s a perfect gift for a BBQer or an individual who likes staying in the kitchen. It comes in various sizes and designs. Most of them are made from cotton and polyester, making them very durable.

They also come in different colors. However, their measurements and fittings may vary depending on their manufacturer. You can find them in most online shops.

5. Chocolate Games Controller

This gift is best for an adult who loves chocolates. Its buttons has several chocolate colors. It can easily put a smile on ardent gamers and chocolate lovers and also bewilder their taste buds. The ingredients of this item include powdered cream, sugar, Soy Lecithin, Cocoa Butter, and others. It comes in various tastes.

How To Select Cheeky Gifts For Adults

The trick for selecting the right gift for your adult friend is understanding their personality and what makes them laugh. You can know this by spending some time with them or asking them about their favorite hobbies.

The gift should also be useful and elicit humor. After putting a smile on your friend’s face, the gift will serve them right if it’s useful.

Wrapping Up

Selecting cheeky gifts for an adult friend may be difficult because they’re many. These gifts will make your friends chuckle.