5 creative activities to keep your kids away from the TV

With the Covid-19 situation, everyone is stuck indoors and cannot go out much. This is the reason that

There is not much they can do in their homes. This is the reason even parents are letting them use the gadgets to keep them entertained. The way to win this digital battle is to get your child involved in different activities.

1. Paint by numbers kits for kids

Boost the child’s creative juices. Provide the child with age-appropriate art and craft materials involving them in activities based on his ability and skill level. Ensure that you encourage him or her to keep improving his skills. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t expect perfection. Acknowledge the effort and encourage his creative expression. Let the child hone his or her creative side with the paint by numbers kits for kids. a supply of art and craft material will be handy. Papercraft and origami are also highly beneficial. Art and craft activities nurture your child’s creativity, let them focus, pay attention to details and improve hand-eye coordination, motor skills, color sense.

2. Story Books and more

A world of books for your child ranging from stories of fantasy to adventure will help in keeping the child away from the Tv screen. You can provide books from thrillers to biographies, from factual to how-to books. Bunch of books readily available lets you pick up and read whenever he or she chooses. Reading eventually becomes a daily habit, a bedtime ritual, or an evening routine.

You can help your child with listening skills activities. Start a routine that will allow your child to write and illustrate a storybook or write a biography through journaling. Reading sharpens the child’s imagination and helps improve vocabulary, comprehension, and even storytelling and writing skills.

3. Cooking and Chores

Keeping the child away from the Tv screen becomes a dream come true when you successfully keep the child involved in helping with chores and cooking. Younger children can help with washing vegetables. Older children can help with cutting prepping. Also, you can opt for cooking that will help to refine your cooking skills. The trick is getting them involved in planning the menu. Encourage children to experiment with recipes. Also, you can ask them to be your helping hand while doing laundry or cleaning a room, get your child to pitch in and help. Your child helps with chores and cooking, and in this process, he or she is learning a lot of self-help skills. In this way, the child becomes more independent and self-confident. When your child helps with the cooking, as well as getting involved in age-appropriate activities for children like garden tending day, taking care of the pet day, then it will become the best way for letting your child stay away from the tv screen.

4. Organizing Play Dates

You can go with the idea of organizing playdates for children in the afternoon. ‘The themed play date, fancy dress play date, storytelling session, such as making a tent out of an old bed sheet will be the perfect option to keep them away from the TV screen. If he or she likes playing with water, you can go with the arrangement of the splash pool; let them get their hands and clothes dirty. The children, when having fun, will get the option to involve themselves in activities that will keep the children busy for hours.

5. Restricting Family TV

Never let the child feel left out when the mother or grandmother is watching TV while he or she is not allowed to. Communicate to the whole family and look for a system that will restrict TV watching. Moreover, put rules like no meals in front of the TV. In this way, you can provide more time for your child.

Final words

Each of these ways is the best method to keep the child away from watching the Tv. Though there are other methods by which you can keep the child away from the tv, we have listed only some of the most practical ones.